Shop Fox – D2057A Woodstock Heavy-Duty Mobile Base

The Grizzly table saw I just purchased is a hybrid saw with an enclosed cabinet. The cabinet of the table saw sits directly on the floor as a stationary unit. It does not have any casters so I had to buy a mobile base for it. Mobility is a must in my shop. I was going to get a Harbor Freight mobile base as it has many good reviews online but I figured I would go ahead and get something that was recommended by the saw manufacturer. Grizzly recommends their Shop Fox brand mobile base. I say “their” because the Grizzly and Shop Fox saws are nearly identical and are both sold by Grizzly so without any research I’m assuming they are the same company. Not positive but just an observation.

D2057A Woodstock Heavy-Duty Mobile Base

And here’s all 34 pounds of the base neatly packaged in it’s box.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (3)

Each caster is in it’s own smaller box. One of my fixed casters had a washer broken in the box. I looked at the assembly of the caster and didn’t think lack of this spacer would affect the operation so I didn’t bother trying to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (4)

Here you can see the difference between the front and back brackets. The back brackets hold the stationary casters and you have the option to orient them in either direction. I chose to mount mine front to back in relation to this picture. This is also the direction that is recommended in the instructions.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (6)

Space is TIGHT with the back two bolts on the stationary casters. A little note of patience is even in the assembly instructions.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (8)

I used needle nose pliers to locate these bolts. 4 bolts per caster.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (7)

The rails are held in the brackets via two bolts on each end. There are 16 of these bolts that require a lock nut to be installed first. This was a job in itself as the lock nuts are pretty tight.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (9)

Here’s the initial assembly. I had to stop here and wait until my saw arrived the next day to adjust it to it’s final size.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (10)

The saw is locked in place by two screw knobs in the front that lower a pin to the floor. This pin has a magnet on the top so that it will not drag the floor when the weight is transferred back to the casters. On one of my pins I noticed quite a bit of slack between it and the sleeve. I thought this would make the saw wobble when it was in the stationary position but I later confirmed that this was no issue at all. False alarm.

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (11)

And finally the base all adjusted to my new table saw. This Shop Fox base is rated to hold 700 pounds and my table saw weighs in at 416 pounds. The mobile base performs well in both the mobile and stationary positions. I have no affiliation with Grizzly or Shop Fox but here’s a link to where I purchased mine:

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (12)

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (13)

Shop Fox Mobile Base  (14)


  1. Considering a version of this for a jointer – how maneuverable is this? It doesn’t appear to be something that is quickly set up to move/work. Your thoughts?

  2. Is the saw bolted to the base in any way or does it just sit on it? I’m considering this unit because I will be using it on a jointer – which are typically top heavy – and I want to open up the base to provide a larger footprint – for stability. This means I might have to provide some type of sub-base – something the jointer is bolted to and then it is bolted to the base.

    • You could do that. It doesn’t attach to the tool. Each corner has large tabs for the feet to rest in. You just adjust it to the size you need put your tool in and then tighten the rails down. It does have a maximum size though. If you want to make a larger and longer platform I believe the harbor freight mobile base uses hardwood rails that you cut to length. That might be a better option if you want to make a long sub base for the jointer. Not sure if it will be more stable or not though.

  3. Jay, what would be a good site to find reviews on Harbor Freight tools?
    Thanks for all the great information through your You Tube channel and on your website.

  4. I’m trying to get this under my Grizzly G1023RLWX but the directions are not very clear. How did you get your saw on top of the base?

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