SketchUp: Follow Me Tool

The follow me tool in SketchUp is a real time saver. For molding or routing it’s definitely a time saver. You can use it to add material or remove material.

You need two things in order for the follow me tool to work properly, a path and a profile. The profile is obviously the shape that you will either be building or cutting with. The path is where that profile will end up. This is really handy if you want to make molding follow several inside and outside corners on a project.

First make a profile of the shape you wish to use at either the starting or end point of where you want it to be. Then use the line tool or any other drawing tool to create a connected path to the finish point. Select all of the path only and then press the follow me button on the toolbar. Then select the profile that you wish to have along that path. That’s it. It’s a simple way of saving a lot of time instead of making multiple individual pieces of molding.