Shipping Container Crates: SketchUp

The plan for the shop move is to downsize as much as I can and store everything into a shipping container until the new shop is built. The last time I moved my shop I used 55 gallon barrels for storage. This was convenient because it allowed me to pack as much as I possibly could into the barrels and not worry about the barrels breaking. Then the barrels could be moved with an appliance dolly. In turn, it was a not so well executed plan because moving 300 or so pounds with an appliance dolly got old pretty quick.

The new plan is to use large crates that can be moved easily with a pallet jack and a set of pallet forks on a tractor. These crates will be used again for either long term storage or for firewood bins piles at the new property.


    • We want to be closer to family and we want more land. We are currently an hour and a half away from the nearest relative. We’re here because my wife was going to college and then got a job at the college when she graduated. She’s been out of the workforce for 2 years now and we have no ties to the area. Time to get closer to family. The shop is great, but it’s just a shop. The next one will be great as well.

  1. You’ll not regret being closer to family. Friends of ours have Sunday lunch with three generations of their family. Two of our three daughters live on East and West Coasts. While almost daily contact on social media is nice, we gather only twice a year.

    Over time you’ve made quite a few rather dramatic additions to the property you now have. Should pay dividends. Best wishes.

  2. August here: I have pretty much followed you from when you first started. Makes me feel good that a person does good in their business. I don’t know what move this is but it seems you just keep growing.
    I’m older now and have to learn how to cut back. Still love to work with wood. Also do demonstrations for the wood club. Take care and may you keep growing.

  3. Great video and I may adapt the idea for my shop. My wife and I are currently in the same situation you are, in the respect that we have no ties to anyone here in Texas, so we’re moving closer to family in Kansas. My shop is 30×30 and I have been thinking about how to pare stuff down for the move. I like the idea of making my own crates and packing them myself, rather than letting the moving company do it. I look forward to watching you pack up your shop (if you’re going to document that), so maybe I can garner some more good ideas. We haven’t actually looked at houses yet, but I imagine that when do find something, things will start happening fast, so I’m trying to get ahead of the game.


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