Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #22 – March 2, 2014

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I’ve got a couple more than normal this week. The “around the web” folder in my bookmarks bar keeps growing faster than I can pull from it.


I often get requests for my bench plan with a table in the middle. I don’t have any plans to make another version of my bench any time soon. But in the mean time I found another bench plan that looks pretty darn good. Check out DIY Pete’s double chair plans. (click the image)

Rock-n H Woodshop

Need a crosscut sled? I do, but then again I don’t even have a table saw at the moment. Here’s Drew’s take on a crosscut sled.

Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

If you have a minute….or 3 hours, you should really browse this YouTube channel. Top notch woodworking skill and craftsmanship. These two really make some great works of art. They recently had quite the addition to their tool lineup. A 25″ jointer that gives Frank Howarth’s a run for its money.

Steve Ramsey

Steve’s projects always target such a wide audience so its without surprise that this project can be tailored as a gift to virtually anyone. Give it to a boy for his first tool tote. Make it for a gardener friend/family member. Heck you could use it as a planter!

Savvas Papasavva

Here is someone I was recently suggested to check out. Making a taper cutting jig for the table saw and band saws.


I shared this one on my Facebook page earlier this week. I really like the concept here. Making a cyclone dust separator from a soda bottle (or pop bottle if you live above the mason-dixon line).

Jon Peters

Jon recently made a quart size paint storage cabinet. I really like the flow of his videos. Great channel to check out too!

Frank Howarth

Another great story told by way of pictures. Frank’s stop motion videos are always a real treat to watch. Here he makes a few bookcases.


For those of us without access to PBS broadcast you can check out 10 full length episodes of RoughCut here. (click the image)



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