Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #25 – March 22, 2014

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You may recall that I made a variation of John Heisz’s miter saw station to better control miter saw dust without a dust collector (before I got my dust collector). Here’s part one of another great version. I see a few changes from the original. There are so many multi part builds holding me in suspense this week. (click on the image)

This Old House

Floors will, generally speaking, squeek over time if the subfloor is nailed down instead of screwed down. I’ve repaird plenty of squeeky floors when the carpet was pulled up but never through the carpet. I’ve often wondered what an “appropriate” method would be for securing a squeeky floor. The “This Old House” YouTube channel is a great one to subscribe too. They’ve been producing free DIY content for years and have a lot of these quick tips on their channel too.

This was just downright interesting. I struggle with getting perfect fitting joints on crown molding as it’s something I rarely do. I couldn’t imagine cutting and fitting this stuff! (click the image)

Alain Vaillancourt

Here’s an outstanding job at “a few” hand cut dovetails. Waaaaaaay too many for my paitience but they turned out great!

John Heisz

Another knife by John. I always find John’s videos very interesting.

Viking Code

Part one of an adjustable tennon jig for the table saw. I’m paitiently waiting to see this finished in part two.

Here’s a great set of rolling shop carts for the shop. He’s got a free SketchUp file for them too! (click on the image)


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