Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #26 – March 29, 2014

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Steve Ramsey

Here’s a great project that deserves a lot of attention. Steve teamed up with ThePortraitArt on YouTube to create an amazing project. Steve made the picture frame and ThePortraitArt drew the amazing picture. This project is being auctioned off on Ebay and 100% of the proceeds are going to the Make A Wish Foundation. Great people, great project, great cause. After you watch the video CLICK HERE to bid on the project!

Here’s another from Steve. It’s a Mere Mini. A quick and easy way to finish your project with spray lacquer. This is exactly why lacquer is my go to finish.

I Like To Make Stuff

I recently found this channel and am quite impressed. I like his production style a lot. Check out this longboard build.

Cosmas Bauer

Cosmas has a great YouTube channel from Germany. He’s a very mechanically inclined individual. Here’s a quick tip for finding center in a circle using a few squares.


Here’s a mobile base idea for you. Originally from this guy makes a version for his jointer. Good stuff.

John Peters

I love the edge John puts on this table top. So cool.

Matthias Wandel

Have you ever driven a wooden scaffold? Didn’t think so. But Matthias has…

John Heisz

Can’t wait to spend a paycheck on a fancy-shmancy dovetail saw? Watch this first.

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