SketchUp: Miter Joint

A miter joint is easy to make in SketchUp. As always there are several ways to end up at the same destination in SketchUp. I will show you one method in the video.

I like to draw my object first and then make the cut. That’s the workflow you would use as a woodworker so that’s the workflow I commonly take in SketchUp. So, I draw a rectangle with the appropriate dimensions of the wood that will be used. Then use the push/pull tool to take the 2D drawing and make it 3D. On its top face I can draw a 45 degree line that represents the miter cut. Then use the push pull tool to cut away the material.

After you have one cut done you can repeat the process for the other side of the cut. Or you can simply copy and  rotate your piece into the correct orientation to complete the joint.



  1. Thanks Jay for this exercise. I thought I understood, but had some challenges in execution. Paying attention to the planes you mentioned, but I still made that mistake to learn it myself. Another was when the pieces overlap briefly with the already mitered side, with the rectangular bottom..I had trouble pushing the wrong face; I pushed the corner of the already mitered “component”…I think I might have skipped the make component step? I repeat the whole exercise and was successful. I wasn’t able to delete both guidelines with the rectangular select method either for some reason. Thanks again for offering these videos and repeating yourself with each successive repetition really helps to drive the lesson home.

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