Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #29 – April 19, 2014

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Building a mini cajon. I know a few people that I could make these for as gifts. Hmmm…

I really like the style of these end tables. It’s been in my inspiration folder on my bookmarks for a while now. Maybe one day I’ll get around to making something like these. This is a multiple post build. (click the image)



Making a planter box. From a new channel I stumbled upon recently.


This cutting board is such an eye catcher. So beautiful.

April Wilkerson

Making a glass waterfall. Such a cool idea.


Woah….just..woah. Where do we sing up for this game?

The Homestead Craftsman

An 8 pound canoe. It would be such an interesting experience casually floating along a river in a somewhat translucent boat. Very cool project.

Steve Ramsey

The more kids we introduce to woodworking the better. Here’s an easy project that will give the little ones a sense of accomplishment.

Matthias Wandel

A 99.2% effective homemade cycleone build.