Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #35 – June 14, 2014

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First off, today is my Mom’s birthday….so if you’re reading this…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Love ya!

Tim Sway

Tim has a good message here. And a neat project with a very happy kid too!

Steve Ramsey

Don’t have a jointer? Here’s two easy ways to square edges of boards without one. The first method uses a router and the second method uses a table saw.

Nick Ferry

What do you think of this highly customized tool cart that looks extremely well thought out. Good job on this one Nick!

Jon Peters Art & Home

This is actually part 2 of a bathroom vanity that Jon is making. I’m including this video instead of video one because I love the way he added moulding around the vanity. The vanity is actually nearing completion so if you check out his channel you can see more videos on it.

Matthias Burger

This was already shared on but I couldn’t resist sharing it again. I love watching a good design come together. Especially when it’s narrated by someone with a difference accent.

Cottage Life

I LOVE the design of this media shelf. Are those CD’s on the top shelf??! They still make those? (just kidding)

Paul Sellers

Is your woodshop in a castle? Don’t worry, mine isn’t either. But Paul’s is. Would you like to have a shop in a castle?

izzy swan

Check out Izzy’s new Pallet Pal Pro model.