Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #34 – June 7, 2014

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An easy way to turn drawer pulls without a lathe.

Stumpy Nubs

An interesting homemade Festool Domino. And an entertaining presentation as well.

This is a pretty neat and easy planter bench. Made from fence pickets.

Here’s a quick and simple sanding block. He doesn’t say what size belt to use but you can use the technique for any size belt.

April Wilkerson

If all goes according to plan I will be moving this summer and will definately need to make one of these. I like the design of Aprils.

Calderwood Percussion

A 2×4 snare drum? Yeah, I’ve never seen one either.



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  1. Hey Jay, I just wanted to give you some good feedback….love these interesting things you find on the web. Keep up the good work bro! -Omar

  2. I have discovered some great new YouTube woodworkers (especially cute April!) thanks to your links on here. I appreciate the effort you take to find them for us…..Nigel, in Wales

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