Revisiting Past Projects

I’m on a mini-vacation visiting my wife this weekend so no new project. Instead I’m revisiting some of the past projects that I have in my house to see how they are doing. Everything is holding up just fine. One project has some shrinkage problems but it’s going to be alright. Nothing major. Here is a list of the projects in the video. Click on any one of them to go to that project.



  1. If you happen to make it down to the chesapeake area give me a shout. I’d show you my shop but it is so filled up that I can’t do anything in there right now. Give your lady our best for serving our nation for us. That’s something than not many are willing nor able to do. Thank her for her service for us.

  2. Very cool seeing how everything is holding up. Hope you are having a great mini vacation and a great time with your wife. Please thank her for her service! Also, I I love the finish on your bathroom cabinet and that project over all, hope you can find another use for it.

  3. Good video Jay,Nice to see some projects I have missed.I bet if you put the box in the window of a antique store it would sell for a good dollar – not that you would do that lol.Have a good trip and look forward to the next project

  4. Hey Jay, are from Detroit? I have noticed you wearing a Lions, and Red Wings jerseys in your last couple vids.
    Build things the way you want. I have had people tell me “That Won’t Work!” but yet I still have them, and they are still looking good. I think their just jealous because they don’t do anything at all but gripe about what other people do.
    Keep up the great work you are doing.

  5. I from Warren mi. here keep up the good job ,If you ever nee I 10 us 231 ,just north of panama city give me a shout and we can get together

    Cabosawman @yahoo.ccom

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