Chaz Loughridge’s Unique Desk

A computer desk is on my “projects to do” list and I’ve been searching Google images and Pinterest for ideas for a while now. There’s so many little details to consider when I make mine. Coincidentally, Chaz recently sent me some pictures of his computer desk build. There’s a lot I like about his final product. I’ve always been a fan of houses with the same contrasting trim style. I’m sure you know what houses I’m talking about but the name seems to escape me at the moment. Also, I LOVE the window picture he included in his design. Very cool Chaz, very cool. Here’s what he had to say:

First off my next project is going to be about the size of a coaster. I found out real soon into the build of this project that I didn’t have near the room I wished I had in my little two car garage. Regardless I still had fun with this one.


I wish now that I had spent more time in SketchUp showing all the finish trim work. One thing I really like is how I was able to incorporate an antique window into the desk with a picture of our kids. The carcass is made completely of 3/4” ply. 493827-438x 493830-438x

The top is the same and cut as one piece to fit over the two smaller book cases. I used dark walnut stain and antique white for the finish. The wife is happy and that’s always a good thing. Thanks for looking. 493831-438x

I think the desk turned out great and I can totally relate to the amount of shop space it takes to make a project this size. Great job Chaz and thanks for sharing your project with us.

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