Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #43 – August 23, 2014

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Todd Clippinger

Todd is the well established woodworker behind the American Craftsman Workshop (check out his site when you have a chance!). Recently Todd started a series of videos to answer the question “How do I sell my woodworking projects?” This is the first video in that series where he answers that question himself. Be sure to check out his channel to see the other interviews that are already posted and subscribe to see any future content from Todd.

Alain Vaillancourt

I’ve gained soooo much respect for this guy and his wife by following along with his shop build series. This is going to be a mega accomplishment once completed! Heck, it already is!

Steve Ramsey

I admittidly had no clue what a tardis was (had to google it) as I’ve never seen an eppisode of Dr. Who (I don’t watch TV). BUT…I’d love to randomly place one of these in my front yard in place of a bird bath!

I’m going to be building two dining tables in the near future. A small square table for my home and a rectangular table for a relative. With those in mind I have been looking at a lot of other table designs out there and this one really caught my eye. Check it out! (click the image)

There is a perfect spot in my living room for a sliding barn door to close off the two spare bedrooms and hall bath from the rest of the house. I still think a sliding barn door is a year or so down the road but for now I can enjoy reading this post on how to make your own hardware for a LOT less money (click the image).

George Nakashima Woodworker

If you’ve got 12 minutes to spare you might find this interesting. I was glued to the screen as soon as I hit play. Great mini-documentary.


  1. If you’re ever in South Eastern PA or NJ, you can visit the Nakashima workshop on a Saturday (for free). Its definitely a worthwhile day trip.

  2. Have you thought about how you’ll attach your table top? The Farmhouse link you posted is a version I quite like as well. However, I’ve read horror stories of issues with wood expansion. I literally haven’t read any of the creators of Farmhouse Tables address it. They all just screw the top in. It’s almost like they purposely don’t talk about expansion. Is there something unique about the designs where you don’t have to worry about expansion? Are the horror stories from people who made mistakes? What is the best way to attach the top? I don’t want to start without hearing someone with lots of experience. Thanks for any insight!

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