Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #46 – September 20, 2014

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That’s My Letter

Jamie from That’s My Letter recently put together these easy indoor cedar shutters. For someone (like me!) who doesn’t like fabric curtains or anyone who likes that country look this is pretty neat! (click the image)

Redwood Forests

This is an old movie (10 minutes) from way back in the day covering the milling of old redwood trees in California. I really think these trees need to remain untouched going forward but for them to be milled in the era of this video is an incredible feat.

John Heisz

FINALLY!!! I doubt I’ll have any more air gun nails shoot out of the side of a panel. I totally didn’t know that one!

Peter Brown

I always feel like I’m having a conversation with Peter durring his videos…

Steve Ramsey

I REALLY like the way steve made the drawers here. Clevar.

Drunken Woodworker

These look like they would be a great hit at craft shows. And pretty easy to make too! Good one David.


  1. To go along with the Redwoods video, here is a video of the creation of the mascot for the college I work for from a Giant Sequoia. It’s an incredible carving and watching the process is amazing, but the fact that they cut down a live tree instead of taking one of the fallen trees in the forest.

    And here are a few pictures of the statue in its current state.

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