Vlog #5: Let The Good Times Roll….except in Atlanta

Not much woodworking content here. I’ve been gone for a week and I’m trying to catch up.

Show Notes

  • I had fun
  • People in Atlanta think they own race cars
  • Don’t miss BrainPick next Tuesday night at 9:30 PM!!
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  1. Atlanta is a little different to Stakville. I would love to get up to DC, hopefully my next trip over to US. My wife’s over in Shannon MS at the moment, not far from you.

  2. One of my kids works at Blizzard Beach at Disney, and as soon as it starts to rain. they brace for a crowd in the inside restaurants…
    And the drivers in Atlanta are INSANE…

  3. You were close to Williamsburg and did not visit the colonial town reproduction of the settlement? You missed some really great woodworking–from log to final elegant furniture. I visited there about 10 years ago and still recall it with fond memories.

  4. i am from atlanta, and yea if you are not going 90mph, you are going too slow. just channel your inner racecar driver.

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