Vlog #4: Over Engineered

Show Notes

  • Todd Clippinger interview series: click here
  • BrainPick September 9, 9:30 PM. Live Q&A with Bob from iLikeToMakeStuff
  • Electric Run: click here
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  1. Jay
    i for one enjoy going to your site to see what you have been up to
    have a safe trip and enjoy your visit with your wife
    keep up the good work –thanks

  2. Jay Enjoy your trip, Sounds like you will be in my Neck of the woods, In Virginia, Try Kings Dominion, The admission price is cheaper and you get not only a Roller Coaster park but a water park as well .. Just north of Richmond, VA. Enjoy your vacation..

  3. Hi Jay. I enjoy your site. I am disabled and do small woodworking for a hobby. Have a good vacation. It sounded as though you knocked a bird down instead of a bug! lol.

  4. Hi Jay, we use conduit timber racks regularly here in the Maltese Islands. The walls are all one foot thick so the 22mm conduit is fitted into a hole drilled directly into the stone, works a treat and very economical. Love the projects and your presentation style. Keep up the good work.

  5. As far as forums… The only one I’ve ever been on is Lumber Jocks. I have backed off quite a bit with busy schedule. Plan on getting back to it. I like being able to find someone on LJ’s and find a link to their website. I think it’s a great took to plug your site. I found you on YouTube. If you start a forum on your site.. If absolutely participate

    • Thanks for the feedback Angie. Much appreciated. I used to visit Lumberjocks several times a day but life just got so crazy. I can relate to the busy schedule. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi Jay,
    I built a smaller version of your EMT conduit wall mounted lumber rack. I too used a 7/8″ drill to drill the holes. I then wrapped several wraps of 2″ wide masking tape around the conduit to make a very snug fit. Works great and gets my lumber off the floor. Thanks for the idea. Have a great vacation!

  7. Enjoy your vacation Jay, looking forward to the video of the stuff that you’ve done in the house.

  8. Hi Jay, love watching your video’s and checking out your vlog. Your style is very personable, I am always telling my wife this or that but I refer to you as Jay not this guy on you tube. Kinda makes you feel like a friend the way you present. Very cool stuff keep up the great work.

    • That’s great to read. I appreciate the feedback. This hole online thing is really about building a community and sharing knowledge. Thanks for stopping by as well!

  9. Jay, really enjoyed the EMT conduit pipe vid, I’ now trying to figuare out where to put one in my garage. Enjoy your vacation and tell you wife thanks for her service from one vet to another.

  10. Jay,
    I love the EMT rack. I am actually in the process of upgrading the electric in my garage shop and will end up with 3 sticks extra, so in the remodel I will likely be using your design to replace the rack i have. You mentioned in your vlog, though, that you don’t agree with end caps, and for the reasons you give i would have to agree that they would be a bit of overkill. However, for mine, I will be using end caps. For me, I live right on the edge of the city and as such i get a ton of bugs around my house, and anywhere you have a ton of bug you get a ton of bug predators like spiders who like nothing more than a dark little hole for their home. I hate spiders and i fight them enough in my scrap bins and round my tools, so i wont be giving them an extra home to live if i can help it.

    As far as forums are concerned i like to read them, i love LJs in particular because of the projects forums. I’m not the biggest contributor though unless i feel that what i have to say is helpful. Personally, unless you are going to a place like LJs and constantly promoting your business with advertisements, i wouldn’t see a problem with someone like you or or any of the other free content woodworkers posting their thoughts and projects there. In fact, I would see it as quite the opposite. To see the people that most of us out here learn from commenting on projects in a place like that would give confidence or be considered good constructive criticism rather than seeing it as shameless promotion. I seriously wish more of you you-tube woodworkers did comment more on LJs and the like, but those are my two cents worth, and probably not worth that much. :)

    Thanks for sharing all of your content, some of it I will likely be using very soon after the remodel of the garage is finished.


  11. Personally, I don’t participate in forums, Jay. I try to get my information from videos and plans. So my vote would be to concentrate on your website. I think your videos are great! I especially like when you time your build to the music (even though you say it takes a lot of time). Thanks for all the info you put out.

  12. Oh, By the Way, Busch Gardens is much better than Kings Dominion. I live just outside of Richmond, in between both. Busch Gardens is better landscaped, cleaner and the food is better. You’ll probably have a good time at either one. The rides are about equal. But if I had to choose, I’d choose Busch Gardens. Have a great time!

  13. On the forum idea… personally I don’t really want to sign up for yet another forum – I have signed up for so many I rarely visit any of them anymore – just to many already. I pretty much stick to lumber jocks at this point. It would be nice if they built a way into their site so authors could make coin from posting on there. I do appreciate the guys who participate on that site (stumpy) comes to mind, they don’t feel as commercial. Maybe all that’s just me. Even with the video’s here though I usually click off and go to youtube so I can throw a thumbs up on the post.

    just my 2 cents – to many forums already.

  14. I don’t think you should feel bad about posting to lumberjocks because its drawing traffic to your site. I believe myself and many others go there looking for interesting projects and posters, possibly to find more content and pages to follow. I just think you’re contributing to exactly what the page is designed for.

  15. Hope your mini vacation was a great one, and again please tell your wife we appreciate her service and keeping freedom for all of us. I put over 20 years in myself. I have purchase the conduit and ready to get started building my rack. I was going a different way until I seen your video thanks for saving me time and money. Thanks for the great videos.

  16. Thanks for your videos. I would love to participate in your forum and since I have discovered woodworking is opened up a whole new world to me. I think you should post to other sites, that is how I found you to start off with. And I found April Wilkerson, Jords woodshop, and Ron Paulk from your site. I’m a disabled veteran confined to a wheelchair so finding ways to work in my small woodshop is important to me. Thank you very much for your tips and advice. I do have one question I am trying to put dust collection into my shop and since never having worked with it before was wondering how to ground PVC pipe.

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