Vlog #13: Red And White Shop, Tool Giveaway

Show Notes

  • Go Lions!!
  • Go Wings!
  • Projects are never in order
  • Free tool. See below..

As I said in the video, I’m giving away my corded oscillating tool. Nothing’s wrong with it. I just don’t use it because I now have a cordless version. If you would like it for free you can enter in the form below. No email addresses collected will be shared or used in any way other than to contact the winner. Due to the nature of this small giveaway I will not ship to to anywhere outside of the continental USA. Sorry!


  1. I would love to win this. I was going to buy one earlier this year for a remodeling project on my house. But I just couldn’t justify the cost for the little project I had going. $80.00 to $120.00 for them around here at the big box stores.
    Nice vlog. Go Red Wings!!!!!! Flint, MI. rocks!!!!!!

  2. w.r.t lumber… is there at least Southern Yellow Pine available around there? I understand that is harder than the pine we get up here.

    • Yes SYP is available here. It’s pretty cheap too. And yes, it’s almost as hard as oak. The only drawback to it is the resin content is incredibly high so it gums up your blades really quick. And also because of the high resin content it is nearly impossible to stain with anything other than amber shellac. That being said I literally just got back from Lowes where I bought three 1x6x10 SYP boards to resaw into roof shingles for the dog house :)

    • SYP is also terrible for fasteners the grain lines make your drill bit wander in a way that would be a nightmare with pocket holes.

    • I’m still undecided on the base. Not sure if I want to go with the traditional built up timber frame or if I want to make a couple super sturdy cabinet boxes.

    • I’m not sure if I want to make an access panel or not. Every other dog house I’ve made I just make the entry door big enough to climb into. I’ve never had to clean out the inside of a dog house either….

  3. Jay, Paul Sellers builds a split top bench all out of 2x4s on his channel. I think just to prove it can be done. Love what you do.

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