1. When I was a boy (many years ago) growing up in MONTANA we would drive from GREAT FALLS to MISSOULA. About halfway was Rogers Pass and just on the Missoula side of that Pass was a US FOREST SERVICE sign that said (in part) Continental Cold Spot -76 F. That is MINUS 76 degrees Fahrenheit!!!

    Many times in the “golden Montana of my youth” we saw 40-60 degrees below zero and the wind always blows so the chill factor would drop off the bottom of the scale!!!

    So I am with you! I live in AZ now…granted I live at about 6,000 foot elevation, but it does not get anywhere near as cold as MONTANA!

    So I am with you on the cold!


    I look forward to the new projects!

    Your Loyal Viewer,

    Professor Terry J. Lovell, Ph.D.
    Yavapai College
    Prescott, AZ

  2. You were on a live talk net last month. I was the first question, the show answered. I’m just letting you know, I took your advice and bought a Grizzly G0555LANV band saw, last week. I also bought the deluxe resaw fence for it. I’ll use it just for resawing 1×6 boards. Since I live Washington State, I drove up to headquarters. I spent another $170 on different items. I agree with you, I hate winters. Thanks for your help.

  3. I’m with you Jay. I very, very, very much do NOT like the cold. I grew up on the deep South but now live in NE OK. When it gets below 70, I’m miserable… I really love your videos, I realize some online woodworkers have to make a living but it sure is nice to actual project made without having to pay through the nose to see the work. And I love your “work their butts off tee”. Gonna be ordering one of those..


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