Vlog #16: Goooood Morning Vietnaaaam!!

Show Notes

  • Sleeping is good
  • 3rd shift is not good
  • Caffeien is good
  • Good Morning Vietnam is good
  • Steel wool and vinegar exprimenting coming up
  • link to finishing process: click here
  • Shannon’s BBQ: click here
  • Featured Creator Nick Ferry: click here


  1. Are you nuts? You have one of the coolest logos around. Don’t sell yourself or your creativity short. I love watching your videos and projects. Jay, what I like about you most is your ability to put out great videos and not be too concerned about what people think. John Heizs has the same quality. You want us to like and enjoy your videos, but if we don’t tough> Keep up the great work.

  2. I mixed up my first batch of that steel wool stank last night. (I’m calling it steel wool stank cause it does…the recipe I found calls for apple cider vinegar.)

    I’ve got some old gray barn wood, but it always bothers me if the cuts need to show. I’m hoping the SWS will make the cuts blend a little better.

    Looking forward to seeing your project with it!

  3. Jay, I have a Craftsmen nail gun I just purchased and I it works great the battery works on my 6 drills and compact 19.2. Enjoyed the videos, I think I told you that built the lumber rack I will send you some pictures of it

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