Featured Creator: Nick Ferry

If you have been following this site for a while you may have noticed a few of Nick’s videos in my Around The Web series. I stumbled upon Nick’s YouTube channel several months ago. He has a really cool style of putting videos together and his projects are pretty interesting as well. I asked Nick a few questions and here’s what he had to say.


How long have you been woodworking?

I got my first tools from my grandparents at around age 11. It was a screwdriver set and a small handsaw. That particular handsaw is still my favorite to this day. I would say it wasn’t until I was 12, that I moved on from hammering nails in boards to making birdhouses, candle holders & other small projects.

What was your first video project?

My first video was a bird feeder with my dad & oldest son. My dad and I had built a birdhouse when I was young, and that memory is as fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday. With my first video, all three of us had gone to the home center and my son got to pick out everything from wood, hardware and paint. I can only hope that my son had as much fun with us, as I did with my dad years ago.

What made you start making free video content for your projects?

I was working on a theater set project, and the amount of questions I had regarding how I created it was overwhelming. After seeing a bunch of great content creators online, I decided to make a video about the project to explain some of the techniques I had used.

Do you only do woodworking or do you work with any other materials?

The majority of things I make are wood related. I do on occasion work with metal and I enjoy welding, but I currently don’t have access to a welder. Electronics and pneumatics are secret passions of mine. I’ve also been known to paint a picture form time to time.

What is your favorite project you have made so far?

I would have to say that my custom work station is probably what I personally enjoyed the most, as I was able to incorporate more techniques and materials other than just wood. Making projects with my children are always fun too. I hope to include them more as they get older.

What is your favorite tool?

I would have to say that my favorite tool by far is a table saw. The funny thing is that I currently don’t have a table saw. I haven’t had one for a couple years and I hope to have enough money saved to buy the one I have eying up for well over a year. I am limited in my projects currently by not having one, and I have a few projects that I want to do soon that will require one.

What advice would you give someone that may be looking at getting into making things?

Find an item or a project that you really want. Something you could see yourself being passionate about, or motivated enough to try and build. Anyone who knows me knows that I am rather sentimental. A project that you really take ownership in, is going to make it that much more fun. Remember project success can be subjective, and if it’s something that when you look at it, you are proud that you made it, then I think that is a success. And remember, that techniques and ability get better as time goes on, so don’t give up if it’s not “perfect” the first time.

Here area a few videos from Nick. If you haven’t already subscribed to Nick’s channel I invite you to go on over and check out the rest of his videos. You can also follow Nick on Facebook, G+, Instagram, Twitter, and his website.