Vlog #19: ShopVacs Suck

Show Notes

  • I hope everyone had a great time off last week….if you were able to get some time off
  • Pocket hole platforms help when working with larger material. Just screw your pocket hole jig to a wide board or plywood panel. Then add support strips that are the same height as the bed of the pocket hole jig.
  • I made a bunk bed: click here
  • I finally got a shopvac at a great price due to the black Friday nonsense.
  • By reading this you have given me brief control of your mind.
  • Thanks for the brief control of your mind.
  • Stop wasting your time reading this.

I forgot to mention in the video but there should be a new HGMM video up this week. Fixing an electric dryer this week.


  1. Thanksfor the vlog Jay. Please continue with the SketchUp videos. They are great. I’ve watched all of then at least twice… :)

  2. I like your Vlogs. good stuff in them with some humor. I did the same for my Kreg Jig. I sure helps with the longer pieces. I just screw the base to my work table and go. Have a Happy Holiday Season.

  3. I look forward to the bookcases and also the router dado jig. I tried to make some dados a few weeks back with a router for the first time and it didnt go so well. (dull bit and flexible fence). Also keep doing the sketchup videos please. I learn a lot from those.

  4. Hey Jay didn’t you know you have to do exactly what your watchers tell you to do! If someone doesn’t like the sketchup you shouldn’t stop everything you are doing and change just for them! LOL some people amaze me. Keep doing what you are doing, I wish I had your video and woodworking skills, and Sketchup!!!

  5. Jay, on the book case you refereed to, use the pocket hole jig, on the top of the shelves, so you won’t see them from looking under the shelf, if needed plug the hole

    • I agree with Frank put the pocket holes on top of the shelves. Then plug the holes so you don’t get dirt and dust in the holes.

      • I thought about that too but for the size of the piece I’m going to build I think I’ll just go the dado route. Who knows…maybe I’ll change my mind.

    • I thought about that too but for people of different heights you would be able to see them…..I think. Actually I don’t know. I’m still unsure on this one.

  6. I don’t know why I’m typing this, it’s like someone is controlling my fingers via my mind. ;-) Love the stuff you do. I’m very excited about your new channel as well. Big things happening.

  7. Hi Jay I am new to woodworking & sketch up I have watched all of your sketch up videos & I have learned a lot form them but there is Soooo much to know about sketch up & I enjoy watch them very much I wouldn’t mind at all seeing more of them.

    Vince :-)

  8. I always enjoy these videos Jay, so keep them coming. Your sense of humor is very dry…awesome!!! Your rant on the facebook topic is dead-on and I couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons I quit it. I was getting blasted with useless info about my friends and family. I can get more out of texts and phone calls…or the occasional Skype if we happen to think about it.

    • Hey Tom. The rant was in a serious/joking matter. I really don’t have any problem with what others post on their facebook profiles. I just think it’s funny at times. Thanks for stopping by Tom.

  9. Agree with the Facebook thing. Are these people looking for reaction or are they sad and lonely. Who knows but we don’t need to know when they urinate or whatever. Thanks Jay always enjoy your content.

  10. I like your sketch up drawings,I wish I could get the hang of it. I’m currently trying to build a 42″ high bar table 24×48 top, the top is made of (cull plywood from home depot) red oak with a 1x8x8 oak(cull lumber) cut to 1x2x4(legs and top come to 42″ tall.. so trying to put whats in my brain in to my project. plan i building your bar stools out of recycled 2×6’s ,after that going to try build the miter station from the new shop notes nov/dec issue or at part of it. thanks for the sketch up, the plans and what you do on here

  11. Please continue the Sketchup videos. I want to tell you that I first downloaded Sketchup about 4 years ago to use with my woodworking. I was NEVER able to understand it despite repeated attempts and especially using the Sketchup tutorials (geared toward architecture and I guess that is why they never clicked…who knows?) Your approach is so matter of fact and thorough I am now able to use Sketchup and I really am finally realizing its potential. Thanks and please keep it up. Many of us really appreciate your efforts.

  12. Hey Jay, I enjoy all of your videos, so keep up the good work. Plus, I also got that some shop vac on Black Friday from Lowe’s.

  13. Jay I enjoy you Vlogs and your sketch-up videos too. Keep doing them. I’m going to my local woodcraft store after work today in, fact to take a hands on class for sketch up. I know you posted tutorials but I need someone to answer my questions as i go and the class was only $25.00 so why not treat myself. T’is the Season right.

  14. I WANT OTHER SKETCH UP VIDEO! OOOOOKKKK! Thank you. i love all your video (A little bit less vlog because i dont understand all. I live in Quebec City and i speak french.) and your sketch up video help me to know better how used it. Continued your good job and thank you for what you do.

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