Vlog #24: Will Jamie Return To The Shop?? !!SHOCKING RESULTS!! (not really)

Show Notes

  • We hate cold weather.
  • Jamie will ___ ___ ______ _ _ _______ project.
  • Cyclone shop project coming up soon.
  • Apples and Cheetos are great.
  • HOPEFULLY miter saw station in the next couple weeks.
  • Go WINGS!!
  • Making videos is a lot of fun :)



  1. You two make quite a pair. I really enjoyed the jewelry cabinet build. I hope Jamie changes her mind about participating in future vids. The “taking a break” bit is hilarious. Glad you used it again in this vid – plus the blooper at the end. It was a great way to start this cold day in Chicago. Thanks!

  2. Jay, thanks for what you do. I’ll use the video of you and Jamie working on Jamie’s project to try and get my wife in our shop. Maybe she’ll have a better understanding where the money I spend is going. Again, thanks!

  3. I have to second the “Break” bit, love it. Awesomeness. Also the “China Cabinet” discussion reminded me of dialogue with my wife…just wish i could get my wife out to the shop.

    PS. Lions were robbed.

  4. Don’t worry about the cold Jay, it’s 95 degrees here in Melbourne Australia today and wayyy too hot and humid to get in my shop to do anything.
    I’d rather it be cold so I can get some stuff done.
    Anyway great vlog and really funny to see you both interact with each other, be great to see more if Jamie changes her mind about being in the shop.

  5. My wife and I are still laughing about the “glue drying break” you took in this video. You two are quite the pair!

  6. Jay your a lucky man ,Jamie is Great Gal .
    God bless the both of you .
    As I have said before your videos are very informational and entertaining , you wife did a great job.
    You guys mesh like a perfect dovetail.

  7. Wish I could get my wife in the shop. Too dirty and she might break a nail. Oh well. Anyway, being from Chicago and a Bears fan, I do feel your pain. Like we always say. “There’s always next year.

  8. My wife doesn’t know the difference between a router and a table saw….Just saying you might be a lucky man.

  9. Really enjoyed the video, Jamie has a great sense of humor. 30 degrees is not cold, I don’t wear jeans unless the temp is in single digits. Lions were screwed, but The Wings are still looking good. Thanks for all you do.

  10. :waves at Jamie: Too funny! I thought she did great in the shop! And I have to admit, when you went to the eating shot, I looked around to see if a bottle of glue was anywhere in the scene. LOL

  11. I think Jamie should just walk through every now and then.
    Maybe bring you some chips while the glue is drying.

  12. Thanks, J’s, We would love to see more of you both working together. Thanks Jamie for your Service to our country. I served 23 years. My wife works in the shop with me and we enjoy working together we have been married 52 years.

  13. Hi Jay: That was a great surprise seeing how well you work together. Jamie did a great job. Are you working on videos full time or doing the same as before?

    Ed White
    Warner Robins Ga

  14. So, they don’t have garage heaters in Mississippi?? I use a “motel Unit” which is electric and heats and cools. Only takes 3′ on an xterior wall. Check it out. Probably could obtain a sponsor if prominently displayed. Dan

  15. Jay , the Wife’s To Do List must be done or you will be living in that COLD Shop eating Apples bye your self. :)

  16. Yea it cold there in Mississippi ,but it not as cold as Michigan, we all get use to the warmer weather the longer you have been in the south, I have been in Florida panhandle for 6 years and I lived most of my life in Michigan and working outside even when it cold, there was day’s in the winter when I would take my snow blower around the customer house just so I could work that day, Did n’t get much done , but it is better here in Florida were we can wear shorts 10-11 month a year ,All I can say its a short winter here just grin and relax by the fireplace when its to cold Great video Jay, never relished how long it take to do the video part of the show,TAKE CARE keep good work ,

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