Vlog 27: Death By Dust

Show Notes

  • Tyler Boespflug is one good dude who lives in a place that is too cold for my weather complaining self.
  • W. Walters is another good dude who live in a place that I’d love to visit. No complaints with the weather there.
  • Mike Fulton’s shop tour: click here
  • My shop isn’t dusty enough to kill my computer…I think. I’ll blow it out regularly. It’s not the final destination of the computer either. I eventually want to make a computer case for it.
  • Linux is awesome!……….sometimes..
  • I’m eating a green apple cream slush from Sonic as I’m typing this and I must say that it is absolutely delicious. It probably has something to do with me gaining weight recently as well.



  1. Hey Jay,

    First- do you have a build video of the organizers (looks like french cleats) on the wall behind you in this video? Specifically the paint shelf? I’m realizing that I have about 4-6′ of a over foot deep shelf in my garage being taken up by spray cans and since I can’t see what’s in the back that is spreading to the stairs and a set of basement shelves… I need to do something about it and don’t (necessarily) want to re-invent the wheel.

    Second- as far as dust goes… I had the same thought initially, “what about dust?” but both your commenters and you may have totally missed the problem (this is coming from an IT guy that at one point taught hardware at a technical school)- Inside the case is not as big a deal as people make it out to be. Just about everything all that sensitive is sealed, for example hard drives are sealed at the factory, so as long as you don’t take them apart/rip the stickers off of them they’ll be fine. Where you might run into a problem is that dust can block cooling, eventually stall fans, though that can be countered by blowing it out occasionally. The other thing that dust can do in a dry environment is that it could become a source of static (small particles both conduct it and can generate it when they are blown across a surface). The best solution for this is probably just to blow the case out occasionally, and maybe humidify the air a little in the winter. (be careful blowing the thing out though, I’ve blown the fan blades off of the cooling fan on my laptop using an air hose, of course, I was using it in a shop where I was machining some cylinder heads). If it was me I’d be torn about putting the case sides on, they’ll keep some dust out but you also won’t see if it’s getting bad. I’d probably either leave it open like you or more likely put the sides on but leave all the screws out and try to remember to blow it out whenever I stop to clean the shop.

    Where I cringed is your keyboard… I very little stuck inside of many of them will start getting you sticky keys or ones that won’t depress all the way, and even seemingly benign stuff starts making them disgusting (yea, most people don’t think about this unless they’ve spent any time going to other people’s computers and trying to fix them, and then you start wondering if you’d rather be cleaning bathrooms for a living :-/ especially with people that eat near them or women that wear a lot of makeup). With it on top, dust in the air settling on things… I don’t see how you’ll avoid it having a short life. Even blowing them out stops working quickly. You could cover them with one of those plastic membranes that you see in some warehouse environments, but they really mess with the usability of the keyboard. I’m not sure what the solution is. I’d probably just keep a few really cheap keyboards stashed in the shop so I always have an extra and replace them as they die. A $5 keyboard every few months isn’t a big deal. At least until I got tired of that and tried one of the covers ;-)

  2. BTW, how do you like Ubuntu Studio?

    I’ve looked at it before but I realized that most of the preloaded tools that come with it I don’t really use. I do use Sketchup, but that doesn’t come pre-loaded which I find surprising, and I don’t think that the blog editor that comes with it supports blogger (actually I don’t remember now, it might be that it may not do well with how I store pictures or something)…

    I often wonder what the more prolific YouTubers and Bloggers use to generate/edit their content.

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