Vlog #35: Inset Drawer Pulls?

Show Notes

  • I’m undecided on how exactly I will do the drawer pulls for the miter saw station but I do know they will be inset. This will be better, in my opinion, than drawer pulls sticking out. Not that it would make much difference but…..yeah.
  • Thank you to all of those who sent me stuff this past week. I appreciate it. I’m having stickers made and hopefully will be sending some out when I get them.
  • The miter saw station will have a full t-track stop block setup to the left of the blade.
  • Ya’ll take care, ya hear! (with a southern twang)



  1. I personally would do a rectangle or oval shape than the circle. But that’s just my opinion. But I understand sometimes you just want to finish things, so the easiest solution looks like the best option. I’m sure it will look great whatever pull you decide to go with.

    Thank you for your awesome videos and for changing things up a bit.

    I very much appreciate it.

  2. Jay the recessed pulls will gather dust at the bottom. Make the recess in the bottom edge of the drawer. It will still collect dust but should clear when you pull the drawer open. Regards.

  3. My suggestion for what it’s worth… Make the drawer fronts an inch shorter, top to bottom; line up the top edge, leaving the one inch gap along the bottom, and run a simple 45 deg chamfer all the way along. That would take only a few seconds on the table saw, wouldn’t collect dust, and you could grab the drawer anywhere along its length.
    Really enjoy your videos all the way over your ‘pond’ here in the UK.

  4. I’ll tell you what I didn’t do, I didn’t go back and watch a bunch of your other videos to see if you changed hats multiple times in them and I just missed it. It’s not like missing something like that would drive me crazy, hehe, not me…crap, and I had other things to do tonight.

  5. I am a hat man also. I would like to see you introduce some more options for hats with your logo.

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