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Axiom Tool Database for VCarve Pro




This is a free download for the last update of my Axiom tool database for VCarve Pro. All of the settings in the database are what I was running with good results on my Axiom AR8 Pro+ for the last year or so that I had the machine. Keep in mind that the Axiom spindle RPM was determined by a manual adjustment on the machine and NOT determined by the value in the tool database in VCarve. For that reason I was bad about not updating the RPM values in the tool database. They are good starting point but, generally speaking, if the bit is screaming then you’ll likely have to reduce the spindle RPM. And of course, these settings worked for me but use at your own risk.

My most common tool was a 2 flute down cut end mill running at 157 IPM, .255 DOC, 12-16k RPM.

Download links expire for security reasons. Download your files immediately and save them to your computer for your records. If you have any trouble contact me and I’ll remedy the situation.