Vlog #43: Fueled by Bacon

Video Notes:

  • Rework by Jason Fried
  • I got some stickers made with my log . They should be here at the end of this month.
  • Dema Gamayunov’s YouTube channel: click here
  • Bacon! Enough said.
  • Average Joe’s Joinery YouTube channel: click here
  • Jeff’s website and YouTube chanel.
  • The plywood rack I just built is for full size sheet goods. I’ll be making a smaller rolling bin for smaller sheet goods.
  • I complained about something going wrong on the XCarve. It ended up being the gshield not fully seated in the arduino due to the mounting box not having the proper size cutout.
  • Shapeoko 2 giveaway: click here



  1. Hi Jay – What are you going to do when the cabinet is covered with stickers? You know that they are just going to keep coming. Just curious. Thanks for the time and work you put into your website.

    • Thanks for the website acknowledgement. I appreciate it. I’m not sure on the stickers. Maybe cover the door going into the house? The agreement was that the garage is mine and my wife can have the house so I think I could get away with using the door :)

    • SawStop because of safety. Professional model as the Industrial is overkill for me and I don’t want a contractor saw. Industrial mobile base because it’s incredibly easy to use and move. 52″ rails as I often times wanted longer rails on my Grizzly.

      • Safety: yep oftentimes my tablesaw (a grizzly 5hp) scares me. That blade has some serious power. So does my diesel truck, but if operated carefully, it’s a risk I can manage. I would have considered a SawStop, but the mechanism that freezes the blade when it comes in contact with the hot dog was very expensive when I was shopping a couple of years ago (north of $500 I think). But now the mechanism is much cheaper, so it might be time to give it a second look. However, for the price, it’s SawStop vs Powermatic vs Delta, and I’m not sure how I would choose. For about $1000 more, you could get a sliding table saw (and maybe a European saw like Hamer), which would really keep your hands away from the blade. It’s a tough decision.

  2. How sad to see your old table saw and router station leave. They served you well. Can’t imagine finding a new home for my tools.Hope to have many good years of woodworking fun to go. As always, thanks for an interesting video.

  3. Keeping up with the Bates is a difficult endeavor indeed. :) I’m going from the Ridgid to the Grizzly (wonder if I’m destined to migrate to the SawStop like you). The Ridgid has been good (none of the usual worries) but I’ve recently come into some cash and am upgrading. As for the cost of the SawStop cartridge – it’s a lot cheaper than a finger… :)

  4. Why don’t you want to talk about your new saw? Are you planning a video or review of it?

      • I’d rather hear what you had to say about a tool than any salesman out there! I have one of these coming to my high school wood shop classroom in July! I am very excited to get it set up.

  5. I served with the 10thm Mountain Division (Sticker Joe Walters sent you). Awesome division.

    Also, ordered and just received your “Therapy” Tshirt. Awesome quality and got a chuckle from my wife who just got a degree in counseling. Keep up the great videos man!

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