Anyone Want My Shapeoko 2 CNC Machine?

Hey folks. You may recall the Shapeoko 2 CNC machine that I picked up from Inventables a few months back. Since then I’ve acquired Inventables newest CNC machine and no longer need the Shapeoko 2. There’s nothing wrong with the Shapeoko 2, I just won’t use it now that I have a larger machine. So I’d like to give it away to someone else who would actually use it.

About the Machine

The machine will come with the original rotary tool and the mounts to use it. It will also come with the mounts I made for the Bosch Colt router but will not come with the Bosch Colt router itself. All the electronics and mechanics of the machine are in working order. Also included are the very ugly but functional hold down blocks that I made and the cardboard dust shields I used to protect the Y axis rails from dust while cutting. I will ship the machine partially disasembled for two reasons. First, it’s cheaper to ship it that way. Second, and more importantly, I want whoever gets it to have to partially build the machine. Not because I’m a jerk but because it will give you a better understanding of how it functions.

About the Giveaway

By entering the giveaway you agree and understand the following terms and conditions:

  • Due to the crazy amount of USA Government regulations about business giveaways I will only ship the machine to a USA resident. However, if you live in another country and still want to enter the giveaway that is fine as long as you pay for shipping assuming you win the machine.
  • The giveaway will end on the date shown in the giveaway (30 days from the start).
  • No information collected will be shared or distributed. I respect your privacy as much as I hope you respect mine.
  • The giveaway is powered by Rafflecopter which uses to choose a random winner.
  • Three entries are possible but you do not have to complete all three to enter.

The giveaway has ended, a random winner drawn, and email sent. Congrats to George Kabacinski! Thank you all for entering and I hope I can do another giveaway soon. 

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  1. Thanks for all your vids and project plans and thank you for the opportunity to enter this free giveaway for your Shapeoko 2 CNC machine. Hopefully next year will be Red Wings all the way. GO WINGS

  2. Our maker space has a Shapeoko that is not being used. Your video has been a godsend in learning it quickly. Thank you.

  3. Hey Jay,
    nice Giceaway you have. I am from Germany but you make good Video Stuff. I hope you make more of them.

  4. I’m new to woodworking and watch your vids and take your ideas (sorry) all the time. Sure would like to take your Shapeoko as well…lol
    Never heard of it until you did your vid. Tooooooo cool.
    Thanks for all you do and the actual inspiration.

  5. Jay I just love watching your videos. I am hooked on woodworking projects. I only watch your For real. I think you are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing so much with your viewers. So inspirational.

  6. I have saved every one of your videos & email regarding woodworking. Thank you for the opportunity to have something in my garage workshop I could only dream of owning. I had to look up on the internet on what this “awesome” machine was all about. Good luck to all who entered.

  7. I’ve been a woodworker for awhile now and that would be a great addition to my arsenal of wood eating machines LOL.
    Jay you make good videos, keep up the great ideas & projects.
    Good luck to all has entered in this great give away….. Thanks jay for this chance to win this CNC machine for those that just cant quite afford this machine just yet ??????

  8. Jay like your videos and have purchased some of your plans looking forward to to building them. I’m looking into buying a CNC machine not sure which one to get. What one did you upgrade to and why that one?

  9. I am new(er) to woodworking, and I am glad I found your channel. I have been looking for woodworking videos to get me going on new projects. Thanks for providing the opportunity to get a CNC mill! God bless.

  10. I think your Paulk themed and designed work table is great. Now that I have seen yours in the 8′ length, I think I will get your plans and cut mine down to 3′ by 6 foot. My garage is more full up then yours, and my old work table has been beaten to beyond any repairs. It is over 25 years old so it need to be put out to pasture, like me I suppose. Thanks again, Mike

  11. Your work and the videos you create are top of the mark, but it’s your videography I wish more YouTubers would study and learn from. I cracked up when I watched you drilling to the music! I show your videos to people just for the entertainment! (Go Sharks! Sorry.)

  12. Jay, The only tools I have is my dads old hammer a dull handsaw& best of all my pocket knife; I sure could use that CNC machine, you got there, then all I will need is some of that electricity the town folks have here in the Ozarks. :)

  13. Jay I can’t believe you and your wife were able to move that shed. Granted, like you said it is just aluminum and some wood, but you had the weather against you.It is a nice size for your gardening “stuff”. Did it come with a ramp or are you making one? My lawn was slightly slopped so I had a landscaper come in and dig down to level it out, put down weed block and then gravel, lots of gravel. This was all held in by using 4×4’s which are 2 rows all the way around then they set the shed on the gravel. Once there , I was not going to move it. It’s a pre-built Carefree building 10’x16′ and that puppy is there for my life time. Good luck with it and in no time it’ll be filled up.

  14. You site is FANTASTIC !!!
    I look forward to visiting it every week.
    Keep up the site . . . believe me … it is appreciated.

  15. I just founded your channel and I love it. Also I would like to enter for the giveaway cnc machine. I have already installed Turbo Cad, Vcarve Pro and Aspire on my computer but I dont have a CNC machine yet. This will be a perfect gift. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the contest Jay. If I win I would gladly pay for the shipping. Love the vids and ideas you come up with among the many other Youtube woodworking faves :)

  17. I have my fingers crossed that I win the CNC, it would sure help me in what I do. Thanks for the contest, Jay!


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