Vlog #44: More Shop Projects Coming

Video Notes:

  • A router is needed for CNC…I think so anyway. I haven’t seen a dust collection setup for the Bosh Colt router on a CNC machine though.
  • I want to make a different plywood rack. More on that later.
  • Skeeter is back to normal. Thanks to those who asked about him.
  • New table saw is a SawStop PCS. Nothing was wrong with the Grizzly I had. I prefer the safety feature of the SawStop though.
  • Thanks for all of the sticker cabinet contributions. I’ll have my stickers in soon to return the favor.



  1. Jay I suck at finishing but I did over my kitchen cab with Annie Sloan chalk pant & her wax made for her paint check her stuff out not cheap But sick finish w no big talent on my part good luck what ever u finish with

  2. I use a 2.5 hp router on my cnc but I also have a dust shoe. The air flow from the router blows the chips to the shoe pickup with very little get out from under the shoe.

  3. I also use a dust boot (or shoe as some call it) on my CNC and it works great for keeping the chips and dust under control.
    As far as your sunburn goes… put vinegar on it. Sounds strange and it may smell a bit but it pulls the heat out of the burn so you don’t get any blisters and relieves the pain.

  4. What do you mean, you “ordered” a shed? You aren’t stick-building it? It would be just a really big dog house wouldn’t it? Seriously, though, will you be sharing your assembly progress?
    Thanks for ALL your videos. I think you are very good at what you do.

    • I’ve been debt free my whole life other than the house I live in. I have no kids, drive a 18 year old vehicle, no TV bill, and have no other hobbies that require money.

  5. I really enjoy your videos and seeing the way you do things, both in your shop and on projects. They are both helpful and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work. As far as the glazing on the cabinets, my wife and I have done a lot of glazing on furniture and its super simple and you literally can’t mess it up. We painted with a flat latex paint plus primer in an antique white. Let them sit for a day or so. Then bought a bottle of asphalt antique glaze (at the blue store in the paint section). Its best applied with a foam brush. just get it in the nooks and crannies real good as well as on open areas to get a more aged look. Then wipe it off right after your apply it. Then normal finishing with semi gloss or satin poly. Hope to see your shop tour video soon.

  6. Jay I just got my Kreg Jig today and this thing is awesome ! I am making the bench and end tables .Do you get up to Hattiesburg to see your buddy Brett? Steelers are on the quest for Seven ! Your the best Jay

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