Vlog #51: Where Ya Been? Next 2 Projects Complete

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  1. My house that I gutted had blown in insulation in the walls. Every random nail or splinter of wood created a bridge for the insulation so pretty much it looked like swiss cheese with the drywall off. Blown in = huge was of time/money for the walls. Doing your attic will give you the most bang for your buck, and it was kind of fun to do too.

  2. When I built my shop (detached garage 24×30) I did insulate all of it. Don’t know what it would be like without any. I to have a hard time in the summer, I live in TN. Have thought about air but I have run out of amps. When I built the shop everyone said I was putting in too much power and would never need that much. Wrong. About to pull the trigger on a Sawstop not because I need a better saw. Power for it will be challenging. Put stickers on you breaker box cover. Might not be a selling point but probably not the deciding factor.

  3. Forgot to mention. The attached garage on the house was not insulated. I insulated it several years ago. The walls are paneling so not hard to do the walls. Blown in the ceiling and an insulated door. It made a big difference especially in winter. Garage rarely gets below 50 with no heat, except what leaks from the house.

  4. Insulate the garage door yourself. Spending money on an insulated door will not increase your resale value. It should but good luck getting someone to actually pay for that. Here’s an idea to work with. Try knocking the sun off an exterior garage wall with a tarp, etc., if that makes a notable difference, then swap out the tarp with large venetian style blinds from the eave to do the same. What about knocking the sun off of your roof? I’ve always thought that PV panels on a roof would shade the roof and knock down the heat in your attic, as well as provide electricity. MS. may not be ideal for PV panel investment, I don’t know. What other method could one ‘canopy’/shade the roof? Insulation maybe the most cost effective way, but still your attic is heated. You can add an attic exhaust fan attached to a thermo active switch. The A/C cost savings should offset the price of a fan and a switch pretty quickly. If you had a metal roof you could paint it with white Elastomeric paint to reflect the sun’s heat away. That works a treat in the desert on flat roofed houses. IF not metal roof, light colored shingles possibly?

  5. I insulated my garage door last Fall with 3/4″ foam insulation panels from the home store and cut to fit the open voids in the door. Used Tyvek tape to hold it in place. Been working great ever since. Also filled the enclosed voids in the door with spray foam. I was worried that the extra weight might bog down the opener but it hasn’t been an issue. I’ve seen at least a 20 degree improvement on the temp at the door.

    And Chet, thanks for all those awesome suggestions!

  6. Jay, On your cell phone, next time check Republic wireless. I have had them for about two years now. $10.00 month unlimited talk and text, unlimited data on wi-fi. I love them.

  7. From experience; you may find it less expensive to hire a contractor to blow in the insulaton. In AZ the cost to hire it done is the same as getting the insulation, the machine (the horror stories of the machine clogging),a second person(one to shoot and one to load the machine)… Get a quote to have it done. As for the door, I did it once and would not do it again. Price out the cost of materials and time vs a new upgraded door. My money is on a good door in a working garage.

  8. Make some type of lightweight removable panel (maybe that corrugated sign board) that goes on the inside of your garage door, and put stickers up there. Then when you need to move, the panels come off with all of the stickers.

  9. I agree with Ben for the stickers, under your overhead storage. May need to prep the ply so they stick better

  10. Jay I installed a 5K BTU window a/c in my garage (20×22). It does not get very cold but it does remove the humidity and that makes it bearable. I live six miles from Galveston so I know humidity. Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

  11. I put insulation on the garage door from Home Depot. They have the garage insulation that has a plastic barrier and I used clear tape to secure it to the door. Also, do you have a military id. If so you can get the 10% discount at most home stores along at other stores. My two cents.

  12. Since some of the topics have touched on AC/HEATING, maybe one of you can answer a question for me? Can I use a regular window AC as a thru wall unit or does it have to be one built just for the wall? I have a small 5000-6000 unit and my shop is 10×16 so I don’t need anything bigger than that. Also, I was looking for a hanging heating unit-any suggestions?? Thanks Guys I appreciate any help you can pass on.

  13. My 2 cents on the sticker issue= Once the door is insulated I think thin sheets of aluminum would work nicely, painted black of course.

  14. Hi Jay
    Many thanks for the sticker rec’d today.
    I wondered if you are planning to build any beds in the near future. I liked the bunk beds you built, but I need to build a double bed.
    Kind regards

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