SketchUp: Mortise And Tenon Sofa Table

This week’s build video will be on a simple but strong sofa table. The strength of the table will come from the solid wood used and the mortise and tenon joinery. After the model is complete I’ll also break it apart to create a dimensional lumber layout diagram. Here are a few of the shortcuts I used in this video:

  • Ctrl = adds a copy command to the move and rotate commands
  • Q = rotate
  • R = rectangle
  • T = tape measure
  • D = dimension (this is a custom keyboard shortcut I set and is not included by default)
  • M = move
  • Space Bar = selection command
  • Triple Click = when triple clicking a piece of model space geometry it selects everything in model space that is connected to that item
  • Double Click On Component = enters component edit mode
  • G = Turns selected model space geometry into a component
    • H = Hide
    • U = Unhide all



  1. Hi Jay, I always enjoy your articles and this one on SketchUp helped me to understand some of its features. I must start using this software application and you have helped to motivate me to do so.

  2. Love seeing your shortcuts in SketchUp Jay – great time savers! Have you tried “intersect with…” for your mortises?

  3. I enjoy learning more about Sketch-Up. I like that you constantly call out your keystrokes to keep us in the game much like a band leader will call out chords and key changes. This one had some good lessons about orientation and pivoting while copying. One detail that was mentioned quickly was Parallel Projection”; I had to Google it to understand how it is helpful in this project (cut lists) and printing sketch-up files in general. Curves always gave me trouble before, but I think this will help! Thanks Jay!

  4. Really enjoy your sketchup videos. Question on your design. I have a bed project which will be using Mortise and tenons. For the skirt on the table, how did you decide to use a normal tenon vs a haunched tenon?

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