Vlog #60: The Woodworking Show…and some other stuff

Video Notes:

  • The next Video Woodworkers booth will be at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta, GA on April 1-3, 2016. I’ll be there if you’d like to come and tell me I look funny.
  • Follow my brothers Cargo Trailer Tiny House conversion on his YouTube channel and his Instagram page.
  • I’ve been really pleased with the addition of my modified Paulk table in my shop. The dog holes are great. Not for clamping but for making multiple stop block setups for planing, scraping, or for stopping material when using power tools. I use 3/4″ oak dowel stock for the dogs.
  • I picked up the DWP611 trim router to upgrade the under-powered spindle on my XCarve. I’ve got a few sign and decorative type projects to make for Christmas gifts this year and recording them will be quite boring. If I find something interesting I’ll show it though.
  • Thursday’s tool talk will be on the Ryobi 18v tool kit I have.
  • The next project video will probably be on board games….but I might squeeze a non project video in first…
  • 30 days until Star Wars VII.



  1. I would definitely be interested in seeing how you built your website with a screen recorder on your computer kind of walking people through the steps. Maybe some tips and tricks and things you’ve learned along the way that could help. I’ve found that I’m more gifted in writing than in video making so if there were someone in the woodworking community that could share their experiences in website/blog writing, it would be much appreciated. As well as layout of the pictures and such. I know a lot of things can be done using WordPress.

    Hope you don’t get “aggravated” making the board games. ??

  2. Glad to see you are back!!! was wondering where my weekly “Jay” time… Keep it up…
    Tool topic would like to know your thoughts on the SawStop.. Thinking of getting a new Table saw in the future..
    Keep the Sketch up videos coming I am learning a lot.. oh and you make is look so easy!!

  3. Any chance you’ll be doing a headboard build in the future?
    I need to make one and could use some help/ideas.
    I have really benefited studying your tutorials and am well on my way.
    Thanks so much Jay.


  4. Hey Jay, very interested in web site help. I am trying to build a web site for my shop much like yours. Way over my head. Lol. Take a look at what i have to date. http://www.shopdawgww.com. Needs lots of work, should give you a good laugh

  5. Hi Jay,
    As I was watching your video, I thought about when I first found you on YouTube. You were working at the apartment complex. Wow! You have come a long way! Great job. Keep up the great work!

  6. Great VLOG Jay. I am also enjoying your new “Tool Talks” and I 2nd Todd’s request on your Fest tool domino. I use a drill & dowel system right now and I am thinking I need to upgrade to either the domino or a biscuit system. Maybe you could compare the two or explain why you chose the domino system over biscuit. Just something you might want to think about for your talks:). Looking forward to your game builds, they are always a fun/fast build for the shop.

  7. Hello Jay,
    Recommend for a SketchUp video – I would like to know how you setup a project within SketchUp when you know you are going to make project plans from it. For example, do you draw the entire project and then just starting dragging copies of components out away from the main area to then use for details within your plans? I’m just curious how that all works best. I understand how to use scenes but it seems kind of weird to just keep pulling pieces out of the project out into space away from the project. I figure there has got to be a better, more organized way…

    Thanks again, I greatly appreciate the SketchUp tutorials!

  8. Yes, indeed, more on setting up web site. Woodworking in fact. Have the Facebook setup for my woodworking, Wolf Creek Custom Woodworks.

  9. I would like to request a Tool Talk episode on your table saw. I’m sure I’ll never get to the point where I’ll need (can afford) a cabinet/220v behemoth, but seeing some useful features that might be available on lower end machines, which features are more fluff and not used, or even how you progressed up to the machine you have might be beneficial (at least to me).

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Hi Jay
    I would be very interested on building a web site to sell some garden items I make.
    p.s. can you make it idiot proof.

  11. Hey Jay, you’re good and sharp at what you do, and very good and very sharp at explaining it in your videos (you may disagree but I mean it). So content on website creation would be very welcome. I got twins of 3/5 years and we’ll need a website soon to store videos, photos, goof on projects and such (at the moment, we’re into crafting/DIY’ing postcards on sundays to send to various family members, a real killer app for all involved, I may say). So please, shoot !
    If this country descends into civil war and I have limited time to watch videos (half joking), yours and Jimmy D’s and Frank H’s are the last ones i’lll watch !
    Keep on trucking, muchacho (From Niort, France)

  12. Ahhh you should have given kitty some love and showed her off. :) Being a cat lover…. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for sharing once again.

  13. Well where do I start…..actually all of that and definitely tool talk on your Drill Press. As for SketchUp what I would like is more deep explanation on using the Rotate tool. Every time I try to use it things get skewed all over the place and I can never seem to get positioned the way I would like it.

  14. And tool talk on your Band Saw. I notice that you don’t have a scroll saw, is that because you don’t like them?

  15. 5 routers???? thats all?? got you beat I have 7 counting trim routers but I am 30 years older than you and have had more time to collect. One or two of them are older than 25 years.

  16. Really enjoy your vlog and am every interested in the web site design info. Also, learning sketchup and your videos are a great resource. Thanks and keep up the good work !

  17. I love your work Jay! Would like to see what you can show us on websites too. I will soon be u-tubing myself. It’s yet another wood-working show, but I have a niche that I haven’t seen before on you tube, of course I haven’t gone looking either…lol

  18. Yes would be very interested in anything you can share on website development.
    Thanks and enjoy the info you share.

  19. I love what your doing Jay. How many hours a week do you put into your projects? I have been thinking about starting a Channel on youtube and a blog about cnc and woodworking.. mainly just for fun and a hobby. I still work full time and free time is at a premium.
    How do you do it?
    Dave W.

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