Vlog #63: The S Word

Video Notes:

  • After the Festool tool talk episode I made a F word vlog video and thought for sure there would be an S word follow up vlog for the SawStop tool talk video. However, that wasn’t the case. There wasn’t a single troll or blatant jerk comment on that video. Well done internet, well done.
  • Does the safety feature make me a little less careful? No, I don’t think so anyway. The safety feature is a backup, not an excuse. The same holds true for my truck. My truck has air bags and seat belts but that’s not an excuse for me to drive recklessly.
  • I’ve hit a few brad nails with the SawStop and haven’t set off the cartridge. But I believe that’s because I wasn’t touching the brad nails at impact.
  • What tool talk topic would you like to see next? I’ve got a list to pull from but if you would a particular tool bumped to the front of the line let me know. If I get an overwhelming request for a certain tool than that’s the route I’ll go for this Thursday’s tool talk video.
  • Marc and Shannon were kind enough to invite me on to their Wood Talk podcast and fill in for Matt. It was a great experience talking woodworking so thanks again for the invite! You can (and should :) ) check out episode 286 of the Wood Talk podcast by clicking here.
  • Most importantly, and I can’t emphasize this enough… 9 days until Star Wars VII.



  1. Jay, I would like a talk on your thicknesser. I believe it is a DW735. We cannot get it in England and the cost of transport from the USA plus duty makes it too expensive. I would like to ask Dewalt if they ever intend getting a European license (CE). Communicating with Dewalt UK is a frustrating experience. Regards.

  2. Interesting topic. And made me wonder, what makes someone a troll.
    Does it have to be a nasty response to a post or just a disagreement.
    Being of advanced age and not social media savy I may need some help here.
    I am opinionated on some things and not afraid to let others know. Could I be a troll?
    With that said, don’t get me started on
    Festool and Saw Stop! Lol!

  3. How about your clamps?

    I’ve seen folks in the past glue up panels using a biscuit jointer or a f***tool domino “for alignment only, not strength.” They always seem to make that clarification. I never realized how difficult and frustrating it is to get the boards from staying lined up when you tighten the clamps. They seem to go all over the place. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if I should just go get a buscuit jointer?

  4. Love the truck analogy about the safety feature on the saw stop. To many people nowadays use the excuse I thought the safety blah blah would keep me safe.

  5. Yep. I am really surprised by the Festool haters. I don’t own any of their gear, but it seems like fine stuff. I think people hate them for the same reason people hate on Apple. I just use what I like and don’t worry about the haters. Haters gonna hate. And for what its worth, the SawStop is in my opinion the best saw on the market.

  6. Sorry, Jay.

    I didn’t mock your S ‘recommendation’ because you’ve been corrupted by the $ … whether you realize/admit it or not.

    And those F lovers … they should watch the tear down videos … by guys who bought the tools with their own money.

    And John’s comment about “safety” is backed up by years of research. Seems all the “safety” devices built into our window blinds, lawn mowers, garage door openers, tools of all kinds, etc … along with the verbiage on packaging, e.g. “a flame on this torch is hot”, “this razor is sharp” … have caused users to undertake riskier behaviors.

    “Stupid is a stupid does” has never been truer.

      • I think he is referring to the $’s you earn to pay your bills, not being as clean as his $’s he earns to pay his bills. however if you launder your $’s you will be all good.

        What I’m confused about is why someone would buy a tool and deliberately destroy it just to point out that it has a few pieces of plastic in it. A more accurate test of a tools quality is to use the piss out of the tool for its intended purpose. If it breaks right away then you would be able to make a viable point about its quality.

  7. I was going to say clamps as well, but as you can see in your vid’s – you have tons. (Though, I’ve never met anyone who’s had enough or, god forbid, TOO MANY clamps). Not sure if you have preferences on brands, which ones are HF and work/don’t work well, or other brands that live up to the price tag. It’s such a broad topic, I’d be interested to see if you could condense it into a single coherent video. (No, that’s not a challenge lol)

  8. OK – I guess only because I am in the market for one, but I would like to know about your electric (cordless?) brad nailer. I can’t justify the cost or space for a compressor and gear, but like your nailer.

    Another suggestion would be your other cordless tools in general (in the market for a replacement there, also.).

    Great videos and “Illegitimi non carborundum”…..

  9. How bout telling us about your big blue Kreg pocket hole jig machine.
    Is it better than the smaller one’s in your opinion.
    Thanks Jay.

  10. I could think of a hundred topics to talk about but your comment on Star Wars seems to keep coming to mind first.

  11. If ya can afford it…buy it! F or S. Otherwise save up or shut up. These type of people that trash others for success are the same ones that would complain all the way to the bank about how heavy a sack of gold is that they found on the side of the road. Thanks Jay for your honesty and fine reviews.

  12. I’d appreciate a “Tool Talk” on clamps/clamping.

    What types to buy and for what purpose.

    What brand/s you prefer and why?

    Any fails or type of clamps you wish you had NOT bought/don’t use as expected.


    Your Video’s are a favorite! I’m happy for your success!!

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