1. BTW->GREAT BENCH! I love your videos guys! Jay I cannot wait to build this bench & Nick I am about half way on your table saw sled-EXCELLENT WORK GUYS!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR GREAT PROJECTS!!!!

  2. looking forward to your next video.
    I was wondering if you knew of a free plywood optimizer program, I am going to build a wall full of cabinets out of plywood and would like to imput the sizes and have them layed out for me to cut.

    • @Jeff,
      Mario from thewoodfather.com wrote a program called Fit It, it’s $19 (Australian) and seems to work pretty well.

      @Jay, Thanks for the ongoing great content and well organized site!

  3. Not sure if this is possible, but have you ever considered having a conversation with yourself in one of these videos? That would be pretty cool…just sayin.


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