Vlog #70: Paper & Foam

Video Notes:

  • Having a good day is good.
  • I like the workbench cabinet. It’s working out great so far. I still want to make a tool wall or tool cabinet of some sort but not anytime soon.
  • The Detroit Lions are so disappointing.
  • Making my assembly table paper roll holder has been a lot more convenient and handy than I thought it would be. Big thumbs up for that project.
  • I applied a coat of clear shellac to the workbench cabinet and it looks great. It blended quite well with the rest of the workbench.
  • I’m not a fan of foam for holding tools in drawers. It’s tool permanent for my liking.
  • Somehow my lav mic connected to my cell phone got some fuzz in the audio for this video. Not happy about that.
  • Another cabinet build for this coming weekend. Something I made with Nick Ferry while he was here.



  1. Good points on why you’re not using the foam. I’ve never been a fan of it myself. Can’t wait to see what kind of solution you come up with for the wall behind the workbench. I ended up making a slat wall much like John Heisz. I really love it.

  2. If you need some heating material, I have a few Chicago Bears Flags that I can send to you to use a fuel… Waiting to see what you do with your Office space, I have a similar issue, I would like for my computer desk to fold down (or Up) to keep it out of the way when its not in use. But that is something Ill get to late spring… Thanks for your hard work, looking forward to your next build.

  3. Jay, I noted your plan to build a Shaker clock in your Vlog #70 Paper and Foam. Several years ago, I build several of the wall hanging clocks patterned after the one made by Charles Neil.
    Charles had made several videos on the clock build as well as a very detailed description of the hardware and has also included some template. Thought this might help with your clock build.

  4. I think that foam is ok if you have employees using tools and you want a standard location and a quick way to inventory at the end of the work shift. It could also come in handy if Nick comes back to your shop to work. hehehe

  5. Your bench is very desirable, but when you have a sardine workshop, it would take up 87.746839 % of the room I have. That’s just an estimate and is give or take .0000035 %.
    I love playing darts and when I did I shot with both hands, of course I was best with the right and would hustle and make money. I shot first with my left which was very good, then when the money go serious I would switch to my right, I didn’t find anyone that could beat my right.
    I also hustled pool, at one time in life I could run the table at will.
    Oh! well I now make a little saw dust and odd looking masterpieces that I only know what they are supposed to be.
    Example: I built a cabinet that things kept falling off, found out the shelves were slightly off, one was 12″ high and the other side was 10″ so much for a faulty tape measure? ha ha
    Have a Blessed day in the Lord.

  6. I know so mentally restricting and limiting changing when one wants to. Keep on makin saw dust ” J ” your site is my favorite especially tool review very honest and down to earth!

  7. Great Video as always Jay. Just a suggestion about your use of kraft paper on your workbench, IF you have a friend or know of someone that works in a paper mill, you might be able to get “butt” rolls of paper to use for FREE! It is worth to effort to get one as they last f-o-r-e-v-e-r and a day. . . just a suggestion.

  8. Great site Jay! So I have wanted to put a paper roll for assembly,in my shop, but haven’t located inexpensive paper to use. What kind of paper are you using? Thanks.


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