Vlog #79: A lathe is a rabbet hole

Video Notes:

  • Caffeine is good.
  • The lathe cart is working out great. I will eventually add drawers though. Probably no doors.
  • The lathe is definitely a rabbet hole. Lots of fun and lots of mess.
  • Lots of upcoming guests in my shop and road trips for me.
  • No center support is necessary for the lathe cart.
  • Upcoming projects in no particular order:
    • modular stand up computer desk.
    • air cleaner cart/tool stand.
    • new bench chisel handles.
  • Congrats to Ed Doolan for winning last month’s giveaway. I’d like to do another giveaway soon….maybe David Barron dovetail guides?
  • A new episode of The Woodworking Podcast is out. Check it out!


  1. I’m lucky to live in the country and I also roll my lathe outside to keep the mess out of the shop. Cleanup is with my Stihl leaf-blower. In a future video I would be interested in hearing where you obtain the wood for all of your projects. I have access to Lowe’s and Home Depot but neither of them even carries decent cabinet grade plywood. Keep the builds and tool talks coming!

    • I get Purebond from Home Depot. They do provide it to me for free but it’s the best stuff for less than $50 a sheet that I’ve found and it doesn’t destroy my sinuses like the stuff at Lowes that I’ve tried. I’ve been very pleased with the quality of it.

  2. I live in town (unfortunately) and have neighbors too close for my comfort. Therefore I do not roll my lathe outside, so, the mess stays inside. However, I get satisfaction from watching the chips get sucked up by my shop vac…my kids enjoy it too.

  3. Welcome to the world of turning. I got burnt out a few years ago and went back to real woodworking and haven’t touched my lathe in years. But that is just me. Dedicated turners are in a class by them selves and are very knowledgeable. That is fine, just what I don’t want to do. Enjoy. Any yes it gets a little costly buying all the things needed to do what you want to do.

  4. Using a lathe is definitely fun. I even turned an Alabaster urn once upon a time. Have to be extra careful with that stuff as it is so heavy. I really enjoyed it but no longer have a lathe. Might do that again sometime.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Jay, have you thought of shelves vs drawers in the stand with sliding Plexiglas or acrylic doors? That way you can see what tools or accessories are where without having to open each drawer.

  6. Jay, I watched your lathe video. I have a similar setup for my lathe cabinet. You can use a screw down foot in the middle of the cabinet cabinet back and front. Thanks for your video’s really enjoy them
    Richmond, IL

  7. Jay, Watched your wood lathe video again.
    I have the big H.F. lathe and it is similar to the Jet.
    I discovered at Menards: Zinsser┬« 30″ Border Wallpaper Prep Tray 30″ light weight wallpaper/prep/ wet tray.
    I used small magnets on the tray so it can be a fixed to the lathe underneath. So far so good. I thought about adding in a vac port but the tray is easy to remove and dump that I may not. Still get chips flying around but the tray tends keep chips from falling into and under the tray.
    The Menards SKU: 5453682 $2.97

    I found that the short version of this tray with magnets fits under my old 4″ Craftsman planer/joiner (50 yrs old) “works fine, last long time”.

    Larry Smith (Practical Pig woodwork’s)
    Richmond, IL

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