Vlog #80: Bench on a bench

Video Notes:

  • Don’t grab sharp tools in the area in which they are sharp.
  • I made a bench for my dining table. Off camera though. It’s a simplified version of the table so no need to record it. I only made one bench because odds are my wife will want chairs on the other side instead of a second bench.
  • If, like me, you prefer a western saw over an eastern pull saw the David Barron Magnetic Dovetail Saw Guides work well with the Veritas Rip Carcass Saw.
  • I’d like to experiment with a 2×4 glider design this summer….maybe.
  • My computer desk is going to be pushed up in the line of crap to do. I can’t stand my current office situation and the price of office furniture is crazy expensive.


  1. Hi Jay. Funny you mentioned the Canon problem. I had the exact same thing happen to me last week for the first time ever. I was filming a project and didn’t notice the camera was stopped until I was already into it… errrr. I thought it was my SD card, but then it was fine. Hmmmm.

  2. If making videos of everything is a drag, you should do less of it.
    You are going to enjoy the process less and less and go the way of Matt Vanderlist and stop altogether.
    Your followers will understand.

  3. Glider looks great would like to see your version and also did not catch where to go with the one you have pictures of.

  4. I was thinking about what you said about the filming issue. If someone hasn’t mentioned it to you, you could set up one of those security style cameras in your shop that can film your whole process, while working. And then edit it later. Just a thought.

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