Vlog #83: Getting Ahead While Being Behind

Video Notes:

  • No video last week. I lost my voice. It happens.
  • To be productive while not producing content I built the second sitting bench for my dining table. No video on it as it’s a more simplified version of the dining table as well as the sofa table I built 6 months ago.
  • If you haven’t already, check out The Woodworking Podcast. It’s a podcast with myself, April Wilkerson, and Nick Ferry.
  • I shot 2 videos while in a friend’s shop today (Monday). The first is a shop tour video. I took pictures as well so hopefully I’ll have that out on Thursday. The second video is on flattening a workbench top with hand planes. Hopefully that will be this Sunday’s video.
  • For the past week I’ve been feeling FANTASTIC and have a good ball of momentum going. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling and hopefully you guys are having a great and productive week. Talk to you in a bit! :) :) :)


  1. I watch all your video’s and enjoy them but I got to wondering what exactly do you do to generate income? Most if not all video’s are of self projects so what do you make to sell or do you also have another line of work?

    • Jay is a YouTube video content producer with his income made up from YouTube Adsense advertising, selling plans here on this website and any of the other income streams that content creators can rustle up.

    • I know he makes a little money with ad revenue from his website and YouTube videos. He also makes some money from selling his project plans here on his website. I believe he also has an Amazon store, where he gets a percentage of the purchase if you buy an Amazon item through his store. I am sure he has a couple others that I don’t know about.

  2. Jay I need some help if you can. I used to follow you on instagram but now I can’t because when I log in I am now asked for my phone number so they can text me back a code to use. The problem is that I do not own anything on which I can receive a text. Without their code number I can no longer get to see your content on instagram. I have no idea how to reach them with my problem. Do you know how?

  3. Hey Jay, How about doing a video of your wife coming home….I don’t know about anyone else, but I would like to see a picture or video of your better half

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