Vlog 87: Pine Platter and Guns N Roses

Video Notes:

  • Last week’s video had audio issues again. This time it was entirely my fault. I’m going to try and narrate over the bad spots and salvage the video for Wednesday. If it doesn’t work out I’ll just redo it.
  • It’s 840 miles from my current home to my dad’s house in Michigan where I grew up. I drove my truck up there last Wednesday and drove back this past Sunday.
  • I took my dad to Guns N Roses while up there. It was ssooooooo awesome. Also helped my brother move all of his stuff to his new house. He didn’t give up on the tiny house project. Just put a halt to it while he got some bigger picture situations settled.
  • Back to business as usual for the next couple weeks.
  • Myself, Nick Ferry, and April Wilkerson will be having a meet up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on July 16th. I’ll have more info on what time and where in an upcoming announcement video.


  1. You know no matter how busy you are you still have to have time for the family. Wood working is great but should not be consuming all of your life. Glad you enjoyed family for a few days. Your vlog’s are great, really enjoyable.

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