Vlog #93: Bookcase Follow-up, Tool Talk Topics?

Video notes:

  • Follow up for bookcase
    1. Scribe to wall and baseboard? No, what if I move houses and don’t have the same baseboard?
    2. Top movement? Too small to matter. Only about 4″ between the screw
    3. nails bending one way or the other? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkoo4H3N5qw
  • Computer armoire still in the cards but budget/planning constraints. Want to make a matching set of office furniture.
  • Any suggestions for tool talk videos? I’ve got 3 on the agenda and want to get ideas to fire that idea back up
  • I’m traveling so my release schedule might be jacked up for the next few weeks……MAYBE
    1. Meetup in Cincinnati at http://www.moerleinlagerhouse.com/  Sat. September 17th at 6pm.
    2. Meetup in livonia at dave and busters saturday september 24.
  • Next 2 weeks should be Wisconsin trip stuff.


  1. Sorry I might have suggested a few uses for your CNC, I didn’t realize until just now that you had a giveaway for it….. I just started following you recently so I’m not all caught up on everything just yet.

  2. Would love a tool tips video on clamps. Specifically what makes a good set of clamps, and why shouldn’t I just buy the cheap ones from Harbor Freight instead of Rockler?

  3. I’d like to see a Tool Talk on compressors- I’ve had one for two years and never used it. I got it with three different kinds of nailing guns.

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