Tyler G Woodshop Tour – Walk-through With Commentary

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2:10 Bandsaw Stand https://youtu.be/ZRLOszmGVoY
2:25 Bandsaw table with Dust Collection https://youtu.be/nqpgRfS6Rz8
3:15 Modular Nail gun Storage https://youtu.be/DjEiRyGoZxA
4:20 Dril | Bit Storage https://youtu.be/JPAdPESWqzU
7:26 Fastener Storage Shelf https://youtu.be/9FjQrZsG8YA
5:53 Double Flip Workstation https://youtu.be/GzfoYfWfSq4
11:01 Portable Popup Spray Booth https://youtu.be/jfDr7jnr0jg
12:22 2 Stage Dust Collector Modification https://youtu.be/0RAoj4urS-Y
14:17 Manometer | Realtime DC Filter Monitoring https://youtu.be/a9l9e8PwgEs
15:50 Shop Dust Collection https://youtu.be/RYkH5IsyCyA
19:28 Jointer Knife Sharpening Jig https://youtu.be/GGmaP6aB85Q
23:38 Folding Worktable https://youtu.be/sBlEeNWBtIM
25:45 Outfeed / Assembly Table https://youtu.be/Erlqzta6enc
25:50 Quick-Clamp Vice https://youtu.be/lSCWwmbwVN8


  1. Great layout and obviously an efficient dust collection system. I love the CNC wall unit. I have an Inventables CNC that takes up too much valuable floor space so I’m going to copy your design. Again, well done!

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