Bents Woodworking Shop Tour (video)

My name is Jason Bent and I am the owner of Bent’s Woodworking in Georgia. I am an Active Duty Infantryman and have been in the Army for 16 years. I am currently an ROTC instructor at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. Because of my current assignment, I was able to start my business. About three years ago when I reported, my wife asked me to build a dining room table. I had no knowledge of woodworking and had no tools. So, I immediately went to YouTube and found a video on how to build a table, bought the tools it recommended, watched the video about 10 times, and that is where the obsession began. Shortly after registering my business I started to dabble in both YouTube and Instagram. I like to make instructional videos and product reviews or overviews on YouTube. On my Instagram, it’s basically just a log of what I do on a daily basis in the shop. I was attracted to these platforms because I love to teach and wanted to give back since they were so instrumental in my development as a woodworker. I do currently do commissioned work for clients primarily, but plan to work my way out of that so I can focus more time and energy into social media and content creation.

Instgram: @bentswoodworking
YouTube: Bent’s Woodworking

Below are a few examples of Jason’s work. Be sure to leave a comment and let him know what you think!


  1. Thanks for your service! Awesome shop, like the layout. What is the size of the table that houses your Festool sustainers? Do you store your lumber in a different shop?

  2. Thank you for your service. Love all the pictures. Love seeing people making money doing woodworking!

  3. Great looking work. I have been watching many videos, reading and doing small projects to help me develop skills as I am new into the world of woodworking. I am retired military and am presently in the healthcare field–but have been hearing the calling of woodwork for many years and need to jump in while the passion is still there. Thank you for your Service and look forward to learning more as I need all the guidance I can find.

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