Vlog #95: No more traveling, back to normal

Video Notes:

  • Woodworking in america was great. Both meet-up’s in Cincinnati and Livonia were great.
  • Crazy amount of positive feedback on the Q&A video with my wife. Thank you!
  • Tyler’s shop tour.
    • Great ideas like the flip cart and dust collector water gauge thing.
  • Vise video.
  • The political spectrum in the USA sucks.


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  1. Collaborate with Peter Brown and do a business card/sticker epoxy/resin sheet that can be mounted inside the armoire doors.

  2. I like your website but I feel the political comment is unnecessary. We know what we are up against. I know that it is your woodworking websiteso it is your choice but it irritates me so I guess that I can unfollow you. But I just wanted to make a comment about it. Thank you. Your clock was beautiful and it inspired me to start working on a piece similar that I have.

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