The Woodworking Podcast #23: Horses to Chickens, Table Saw Trunions, Friction Polish

April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry, and myself have a weekly woodworking podcast. Conveniently titled The Woodworking Podcast. Here’s the latest episode. If you would like to download the episode just click here. For all of the show notes visit


  1. I just don’t get it! What good are these ‘Podcasts?’ On such interesting issues, why don’t you send us the usual videos?

    • I try to accommodate everyone. There is a large audience who enjoys these podcasts. I post them on a day in which I normally don’t post videos. My main project video is on a Sunday. Everything else is extra. If you just want a project video then only tune in on Sunday.

  2. Jay, I live in upstate NY and starting Saturday begins opening day for shotgun Deer hunting. I have all of the guns, but no license. I would much rather spend my time in the shop, where it is warm. Sitting still and quiet in the cold is never gonna be on my bucket list :) As for April’s project, here is a great tip I learned for indoor stairs. Once the stringers are cut out, and before you attach them to the walls, include a piece of 3/4″ pine to the stringer, so it sets above the treads. It is much easier to cut drywall at the angle than it is to cut it to meet each step and riser. One word of caution on stairs, is that local codes depict the actual requirements of how high each riser can be, as well as how deep each step is allowed. It is much better to make the bottom step short, than to increase the distance that grabs your heart at the bottom or top steps. Kind of like stepping over a curb that is low cut, and you raise your foot higher than needed, and fall on your face, rather than tumbling from the top down. :) Love the shows, and the podcasts. Watch and listen to them all, and you all are my inspirations. PS: You are talking about needing new camera equipment, don’t overlook the Canon Refurbished product lines. I just bought a new DSLR for $200 that is normally around $500.

  3. Glad to be a new Patreon contributor to your podcast. You three keep it both educational and funny at times. Can we get more of what the worst mistakes you ever made were? I know that I’ve made a fair share of my own, and relish the fact that I am not alone :)

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