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Avid CNC machine file template with toolpaths VCARVE PRO FILE




This download contains my VCarve Pro machine file and all the toolpath templates organized and ready to use. Description of everything can be found in this video.

You will receive a download link containing a .zip file. The .zip file contains the following files:

– 4×10 machine layout VCarvePro v10.019_7.crv
– updated angles.eps

Download links expire for security reasons. Download your files immediately and save them to your computer for your records. If you have any trouble contact me and I’ll remedy the situation.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:¬†The original dog hole angles on the vertical table are wrong. I have no idea where they became wrong but they are indeed wrong. I even cut the wrong layout it into my vertical table.¬†However, the update is incredibly easy to implement. I can either save the file on my end with the update and send it out or I can provide all of you the updated vector and have you update it. I’m asking for you to update it on your own due to the updated version of VCarve Pro that I am using. If I update it the file will be saved with the new version 10.5 and therefore can only be opened with the latest version of the software. Vectric files are not backward compatible. This is very annoying. The best solution is for all of you to update your file with the vector included in the purchase. I also made a quick video showing you how easy it is to update.