Jason Barlow Shop Tour

Shop tours are great. They give us a look at what is working well for others and what could possibly be improved. I recently shot a shop tour video in Jason Barlow’s shop. Jason is primarily a turner but still has a nicely equipped shop. No pictures for this tour, it’s all video. Be sure to leave Jason a comment to let him know what you think but also check out his Instagram feed.


  1. Just got back into woodworking and following Jay’s work. This is the first tour I have watched. I am very impressed. The recycling/reusability skills are great to see. I also love the creativity on all of the dust collection. So much so that its intimidating… I need to learn more about it and learn to incorporate it. I would, however, make one suggestion on your power switches for router/table saw. I can easily see me accidentally hitting the table saw switch and really doing a number on ‘something’. Maybe a cover box that protects it .. ? Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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