Vlog #109: Just do it & this week’s stuff

Video Notes:

  • As requested: Benchtop trim router table plans are now available.
  • EVERY time I complete a project that had one excuse for me to not complete it sooner I say “man I should have done that sooner.” If you have something that you want to get done, want to get built, or want to try I encourage you to get the ball rolling so you can have that “I should have done that sooner” moment quicker.
  • I forgot to mention this in the video. Upcoming hand plane video: Premium vs Semi-premium. A mild comparison.
  • 1 year update video on my workbench hopefully this week.
  • Craig parsons Miter saw station update – 3 pics. See the full article herecraig parsons miter saw station update (1) craig parsons miter saw station update (2) craig parsons miter saw station update (3)


  1. I’ve got a list of projects to do for 2017, but first up is new LED T8 shop lighting in the garage so I don’t have to keep supplementing the one bulb in the center of my garage ceiling with my shoplight.

  2. Jay,
    Great vlog as usual. I really look forward to each one.
    I would like to know what types of wood could be used for various types of projects and why one might select one over the other. Maybe a discussion about project planning.

    Thanks again for you work

    Larry Merkow
    Oakhurst, CA


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