Vlog #110: The War On Dust – Back In The Shop

Video Notes:

  • I’m finally getting back into the shop and making stuff this week. That means the war on dust has begun. I’m trying to put more emphasis on capturing the dust right at the source. That means I might upgrade my dust collector to get double the rated CFM at the tool. More on that later as it develops…
  • In case you missed it…the hand plane comparison video was well received. It was more of an excuse to play with a nice plane though :)
  • In case you missed it…I shot a “1 year later” workbench update video. It’s a long one but a good one!
  • This week I hope to have a shop tour on Thursday, the latest podcast on Friday, Around The Web on Saturday, and a really fun interview video on Sunday.
  • Have a great day!!


  1. Jay,
    I definitely would go with the walnut handles. It is such a pretty wood, and won’t show dirt as much as the maple. Though I love working with the maple too :)

  2. Yea for saw dust!! Glad to hear your getting back in the shop. I was watching one of your old videos the other day and I noticed the difference in your voice. In comparing it to todays, it sounds like you were talking through a towel. You sound much clearer now. I am in the process of adding dust collection to my garage-shop now and would be interested in your up grade.

  3. I’m a walnut fan over the Maple because the birdseye figure seems to get lost in small pieces unless they’re flat. Just my preference. I presume you will be selling the rings?

  4. Hey Jay,
    I noticed in your latest video blog you did a Sketchup of your garage. It looked like you had the Clearvue in the corner and you mentioned looked at your dust collection in general. I went through something similar and ended up with the Clearvue. If you are looking at them I can’t say enough about their customer service. Fantastic people!!

    I threw some thoughts and ideas down, especially the install, and thought you might be interested:


  5. Very interested in what you advise on dust collection. The old Delta picks up the chips but the fine dust is on everything. I’m looking to upgrade soon but choosing the right system has got me scratching my head.
    Since my shop,(and sinuses), are similar to yours I’ll let you do the research. Haha!

  6. Just finished up my JB miter saw station. I added dust collection for the saw in the form of a updraft dust chute. If you are careful with the design, keeping the cross sectional area of the dust collection pipe consistent with the open area at the bottom of the chute, it works like nothing I’ve seen. No dust and very few chips to blow to the back of the collector with a shot of air where they are gone instantly.
    Email me if you’re interested in the design.

  7. I Just finished setting up my Clear Vue CV1800. I will be starting it up Saturday. I used a whip from the remote box( I got it with the cyclone package deal) so I can plug it into my 220 outlet that I had put in for my welder. It will make it easy to relocate if I decide to change my shop set up. Enjoy!

      • It comes with a 6′ whip to go from the motor to the remote control relay box. I made a 20′ whip from a 20′ 3 wire 10 gauge cable I bought from Lowe’s and added a male plug end.( I did the same thing for my welder). I am running from the remote control relay box to the 220 plug. It’s longer than I will need but It will not be to short.

  8. For the handle, how about birds eye maple with a walnut strip down the middle? or birds eye maple with walnut cap on the end.

    I have terrible sinus problems as well. Do a nasal salt cleanse every now and then and that will help keep your nose feeling better.

  9. I think either the bird’s eye maple or the walnut would work and look great, but I am thinking the way Rick has suggested – mixing the two.

    Hope you are feeling better and making sawdust soon – which will be caught by the dust collector.

  10. Hi Jay, I’m also a fellow sufferer of horrible sinuses and just started my search for information on dust collection for my garage shop—although I’m not ready to purchase a system until later this year. Have you seen Matthias Wandel’s dust collector/particle tests where he discusses Pentz’s conclusions on dust collection? https://woodgears.ca/dust/dylos.html

  11. Just wanted to ask a question about your shop SketchUp model. How long did it take you to do that? It is awesome! I have “played around” with SketchUp recently, and would love to be able to make a model of my shop like that. Are you self taught, or did you take classes?

    Great job!

  12. Two things. I think maple will stand up better and finished with Boiled Linseed oil they will pop.
    #2 two things all people hate, boredom and change. They oppose one another. We need both but in correct proportion. Too much boredom (downtime) we stagnate/rot. Change is dynamic, life, action, but too much change brings confusion and disrupts the ebb & flow of life.

    Thanks for your videos.

  13. To be of no help whatsoever, I like the contrast you would have with the gun metal against the maple but, as others have said, might be a bear to keep the maple clean. Maybe a good true oil rub or similar might help. Bottom line though, both are beautiful species so I probably wouldn’t throw away walnut handles either. Best of luck on a full recovery!

  14. I hit the remote button to startup my CV1800, my wiring job worked:). Its not much louder than my HD shop vac. Now on to the duct work. I realized real fast that I need a dedicated place to set my remote.

  15. More work but much more pritty,use them both ,rings or strips and let your imagination run wild and if strength is needed use dove tales , like when turning bowls or some of each ?

  16. It’s good to see some one that likes and enjoys what he does . i could feel your pain of not being able to get out to the workshop
    have fun :

  17. I’d love more details on your dust collection setup in the corner. I’m about to add a planer, and based on your tool talk i’m thinking of the DEWALT DW734 instead of the 735 and that’ll leave a few hundred for dust collection. I’m thinking of the Harbor Freight with a dust deputy, but i’d love to know what your sketchup model is assuming.

    Also, after watching your video on your nose surgery, i’m starting to look into addressing mine. I have had my nose bent since i was in some fights as a kid and after hearing how much better you can breathe i’m finally addressing it. BUT that means i’d rather do my dust collection as best as i can (the first time) so i’d love to know what you’re considering after you’ve thought about it so much.

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