Vlog #112: Dust Collection Sucks

Video Notes:

  • I got my dust collector installed. It’s crazy how much suction it has.
  • The piping is 90% done. Major lines are ran and all the blast gates are installed. The miter saw dust collection is 100% done and works amazing. I’m waiting on a couple true 6″ to dual 4″ Y fittings.
  • Have a great day folks!


  1. Hey Jay, I just recently decided to upgrade my home basement shop dust collection from a similar setup to what you had with the vacuum cart to a double drum dust collection unit. This link will show new and old systems. My shop is small 8×10 in my basement and need to get the dust out. Yours looks awesome. I always enjoy watching


  2. Congrats on the new Dust collection system. Hope your new nose benefits from all your hard work. Question, What did you do with your Grizzly Dust Collector?

  3. Jay your shop mess made me think of this saying “You must break some eggs to make a GREAT omelet “… Also that is a great idea that guy did for the shop vac cart , I have made your cart with scrap wood and will use the idea …

  4. Hi Jay, Have you thought od installing a floor scoop so you can sweep the floor straight into the dust system.

    Have a neat day Brian (New Zealand)

  5. Could you talk about why the tubes are different colors, is it a different material than the white connections and also explain when you should reduce down to 4″ or leave it at a 6″. I want that model one day looks so awesome I can’t wait to see videos of its power in action on your main channel

  6. I have the same basic question as Jon, what is the difference and did you get the green pipe at the plumbing supply company? Also is the green pipe more or less expensive than the white and is it available in four inch pipe?

  7. Nice job Jay. I’m not sure how high that Clear Vue is but unless you are very short that thing will never fit in my shop. Looks like an Onedia system will have to do for me. Looking foward to seeing that thing suck up some dust.

  8. Just wanted to mention a feature I added on mine. I put a remote activated plug/switch in. This allows me to turn it on with the click of a button from anywhere in the shop. It is very handy. If you go this route, make sure the plug will handle what you will be pulling through it. Ruined my first one. Live and learn!

    Many of the them, have multiple plugs that can work through a single remote. This can be handy if you run a shop fan or other air quality devices in other areas of the shop.

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