Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #175 – May 5, 2017

Every week I like to share a few things I find interesting. Mostly video content with an occasional website article. All of the content you will find in these posts is free to you. Remember that liking, subscribing, or sharing free content goes a long way in helping produce more free content. If you like that creator’s work, share it! Also, thank you to those who send me links through the week when you find something really interesting.

Wesley Inglis

I like this mix of materials. the table top lets you see everything on the shelf below making the lower profile shelf more practical. Great build with nice straight lines.
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Rob Cosman

Flattening stock wider than your jointer. This is a good hand plane lesson.
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Ian Slatas

Do you have a timber slick? Id like to find one after watching this.
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Pask Makes

I love the hub he chose for the vise. The wheel adds a lot of character.
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Woah….this is one heck of a conversion..
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Patrick Ashley

One of the better “single 2×4” builds I’ve seen..
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Torbjörn Åhman

Time slipped by while watching this man work. Shop noises are so peaceful sometimes.
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Szilard Pinter

Probably the best looking raised panels I’ve seen cut on the table saw. I also like how he used his vise to start his panel glue up.
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Doug Outside

Carving and Coffee. Another relaxing video if you’ve got some time to kill.
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Making homemade C-clamps from materials he had on hand. Not everyone has this kind of material lying around but the video is more of an example of being resourceful.
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Ace Tree Management

Thats a big tree…
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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for these videos. I look forward to them every Saturday.
    By the way, if you like forging videos you should check out Alec Steele on you tube, he’s not quite as quiet but fun to watch.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Jay,

    Really enjoy getting your email and watching the videos. Awesome selection.

    Thanks, Sam

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