Interesting Stuff From Around The Web #185 – August 13, 2017

Every week I like to share a few things I find interesting. Mostly video content with an occasional website article. All of the content you will find in these posts is free to you. Remember that liking, subscribing, or sharing free content goes a long way in helping produce more free content. If you like that creator’s work, share it! Also, thank you to those who send me links through the week when you find something really interesting.

DN Handcrafted

Doug’s videos are always top-notch. This stool is not only beautiful but also very well made with no metal fasteners. He also shows some good use of cardboard while building.
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Sydney Living Museums

I could listen to this guy talk all day. Seeing something made is always nice but having a conversation along the way is much more fun. I got the vibe like this guy was the typical “guy down the road” where you could just hang out in his shop and soak up so much information.
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Lynn Lacey

Making a bandsaw box is almost a requirement when getting a new bandsaw. It’s a great project that requires very little material to learn the tool. Be creative with the design though. There are no limits! The boat design Lynn made just screams “fun.”
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Machine work fascinates me in regards to the precision that can be achieved. It’s like woodworking without a CNC but still getting CNC precision. He explains his process quite well in this video.
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Working on a piece of woodworking and music history. This guitar has so much history! Talk about going for a rustic look!
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Pask Makes

Great use of materials on hand!
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I love cantilevered architecture so maybe that’s why I was drawn to this video. I also really enjoyed the commentary.
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Jeff Diehl

These beautiful bikes are made from wood. I wonder how heavy they are. It looks like they’ve got a great shop space to make them as well.
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Marius Hornberger

I can see a lifting table being very handy around the shop. Marius did a great job on making his as well as the video on it.
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Patrick Ashley

I use my phone as an alarm clock with the display always showing at night. This would be soooooo much better. I love how it turned out. The look at 4:41 is perfect!
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Another great use of recycled materials. I know a lot of car enthusiasts who would love a set of these.
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